Going Green Means Saving Green In Your Kitchen

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By going green in your kitchen, you will save some green. What this means is that by becoming more environmentally friendly in your kitchen you will save yourself a load of money. That sounds perfect on so many levels, doesn’t it? Well, why not try it for yourself! For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

Pay attention to the way your kitchen sources energy

First of all, you need to monitor the source of your kitchen’s energy. If you then deem that the way your kitchen sources its energy is far too expensive, then you need to take action. One course of action could be to start generating your own energy from your wasted foods. Yes, you read that correctly, YOU can generate your own energy through YOUR wasted foods. To do this, simply gather up all the organic food waste that you can as well as any oils or greases that may have appeared in your kitchen after cooking and then take everything you find down to a local Bio Gas plant (or build your own in your home). What would happen here is your wastage being turned to sludge and then mixed with things that are rich in nutrients, and ultimately turning into gas form. This gas, once harvested, can then be used to provide your kitchen with energy. And, by the way, this kind of venture won’t break the bank!

Something else that you can do is get yourself an anaerobic digester and partake in a big of anaerobic digestion. And no, no matter how difficult or scientific this may sound, it is a relatively easy task and, as you can probably guess, is cheap. What happens in this process is the breaking down of biodegradable material, such as your organic food waste. What this process results in is electric or heat that can then be used to energies your kitchen.

When you take any of these DIY energy sourcing ventures, you help to protect the environment as dangerous carbon emissions, such as those given off by electricity, are cut down tenfold, and your electric bill is quashed almost entirely.

Don’t waste the energy in your kitchen

As if deadly carbon emissions weren’t bad enough for the environment, they are even worse when they are unnecessarily wasted. So, don’t waste any energy you use in your kitchen, even if you harvested it yourself!

A good piece of advice when it comes to doing this is to get rid of all your old-style and traditional ovens, and replace them with Combi ovens. You should do this because these types of ovens use 60% less than normal ovens — yes, 60%! That means your electric bill will be cut down by 60%, too. What’s more, these ovens never waste food or the energy needed to cook them.

Save Energy & Money By Going Green

Your kitchen is likely to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest energy using room in your home. Because this is the case, and cannot be helped but to be the case, you need to pay attention to the way it both sources its energy and then the way it uses it.

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Written by Millennial Staff

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