Millennials are the next batch of home buyers and they make up a huge part of today’s tenant population. But their sheer numbers alone are not redefining home design trends; they are doing that with fresh ideas, minimalistic approach and a unique perspective on making the space both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we’ll delve deeper not only into design trends pioneered by Generation Y, but also some seemingly dated décor styles they put back into the game.

Millennial Magazine- Home design trends


Baby boomers who have steered the housing market for decades have always been more into suburban homes with several bedrooms and bathrooms, but millennials aren’t exactly standing in line to buy houses. This generation is more about efficiency, reasonable use of energy and, of course, saving money. Also, they are not that keen on suburban life either and they appreciate the proximity to city centers more. These locations usually offer smaller houses or apartments. Add to that the fact they are founding families and having kids later, and you will see why opting for smaller properties makes sense.

Going sustainable

Generation Y is the most sustainability-conscious generation ever. Ethical production, renewable energy, green materials, shared resources and supporting small businesses are key concerns for millennials when constructing and equipping their homes. This can encourage originality in home design, since mass produced items are losing their popularity.

Millennial Magazine- Home design trends

Kitchens for the future

Millennials may not hold Sunday family lunches as high on their priority list as baby boomers, but they do enjoy cooking, especially experimenting with different techniques and cuisines. However, what this generation values the most is efficiency. Minimalistic design, functional storage and energy-saving appliances are essential kitchen features for them. Millennials are also against unnecessary waste. This is something that is visible across the globe, but perhaps the most in Australia. Australian millennials believe that units that require minor fixes and don’t waste too much energy are a worthy investment. That is the reason why appliance repairs in Sydney are very frequent, especially when it comes to quality units, such as the ones that are frequently sold across the country.

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Minimalistic décor

While a large part of baby boomers enjoy refined rustic home design trends that are warm and rich with accessories, millennials stick to their mantra of functionality and prefer minimalistic design that is devoid of all clutter. One reason behind it is that smaller houses require more illusion of spaciousness and more skillful uses of space that include modular furniture and hidden storage units. Scandinavian décor might be the best fit for this style, but it’s not the only one.

Millennial Magazine- Home design trends

Mad about Mad Men décor

Whether because of their love for the Mad Men series or their minimalistic design aspirations, millennials are absolutely obsessed with mid-century modern interior design. This style is both comfortable and stylish, but also goes well with the industrial aesthetics of urban lofts, which are often the dwellings of millennials.

Millennial Magazine- Home design trends

The outdoor is IN

Young homeowners are reconnecting with nature in the best way they can, and that is by introducing it into their homes. This design trend includes using organic materials in interior design, ranging from reclaimed hardwood floors and natural stone walls to house plants which are purifying the air naturally and making the space look more vivid. Low-maintenance plants, such as succulents are especially popular.

Tech up

This generation is born into the world of ever improving technologies, and they couldn’t imagine their lives without smart devices and other technological wonders. According to Realtor, almost 80% of millennials would rather have a house with tech innovations and smart automation than a kitchen upgrade. Some of the things you should expect to see in a millennial home are a smart thermostat, 4KTV, smart tea kettle, smart hubs, and other units that can communicate with their smartphone applications and make a homeowner’s life easier.

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Millennial Magazine- Home design trends

Up to date

Unlike baby boomers and generations before who had to be interested in architecture and design and buy interior design magazines to see what’s hot and what’s not, millennials are constantly exposed to new information and they can always see what’s trending, even if they don’t want to. This makes it easier for them to keep up with home design trends.

Home Design Trends Evolve With Generations

Preferences in home decor change all the time, but this does not happen without a good reason. All of the mentioned tendencies come as a result of the lifestyle of the generation that is currently driving the changes in interior décor.