Contrary to popular headlines, being a millennial isn’t all contained in obsessing over the latest cafe to serve avocado toast. Millennials are curious about the world. They want culture, and they want ways to be connected to a diversity of culture. Millennials want communities with a strong platform for fostering startups that support their local businesses. Millennials want city skylines with near enough proximity to a good hiking spot. They want a good education. Keep reading to find out three of the top best places to live; they’re serving up way more than just avocado toast!

San Francisco, California

If you’re looking to start a family but aren’t looking towards settling for suburbia, San Francisco might just be the place for you! This Golden Gate city is rich in diversity and top-ranked for families with its commendable public schools. There’s never a lack of nightlife for when you and your significant other need an evening out on the town, but come daylight, don’t miss out on the multitude of fun outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy! From surfing and paddle-boarding to hiking beautiful, flower-speckled cliffs, San Fran is more than just a tourist city; it’s a family city. Oh, plus you’re never far away from a great bowl of clam chowder.

London, England

Anyone looking to further their own education or ensure that there’s an adequate learning environment for their youngsters shouldn’t overlook the esteemed city of London, England. By the most recent reports, the city rings in for third place in terms of best access to education. More than its opportunities for education institutions however, are its plentiful learning opportunities simply by submerging oneself in the culture.

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In addition to being incredibly diverse, it’s no secret that this place is chock-full of destinations gracing many a millennial bucket list. Look up from below and admire the grand architecture of Big Ben, or take in a view from the London Eye. Stand astonished at the steps of Buckingham Palace, or spend a day absorbing art and history at one of the city’s numerous museums. If you want to check out London without committing to a long-term living situation, you can find short-term housing and explore the city before making a move.

Seattle, Washington

While it may be known for its rainy forecasts, this city’s forecast for startups and employment is nothing but clear skies and sunshine for days! With an unemployment rate of only 4.7%, Seattle, Washington rings in as one of the top places millennials are flocking to. Job satisfaction tallies in at 70%. Maybe it’s that easy access to so many revered coffee shops!

Speaking of, Seattle has no shortage of delicious eateries and bars, which is something millennials tend to look for. Did you know? For every 10,000 people, Seattle has 15 coffee shops! To top it all off, Seattle is currently ranked as #5 in the nation for gastronomic affordability.

These cities are some of the best places to live in the world, and are bound to give you some great experiences (and also studios and open floor plans – which hey, we got some tips on decorating). So hopefully, if you’ve been thinking about moving, you’ll want to take the plunge.

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