It’s that time of year again, when you’re either excited to dedicate a day to smother your significant other in lovey ways or you’d rather forget the day existed all together. Yes, we’re talking about the infamous Valentine’s Day. But whether taken or single, the day can be used to infuse your pallet with unique flavors. We’re talking about Chocolate and Wine! Who doesn’t love a good pairing?

Kendall-Jackson helped us out with some pairing choices that we thought you would enjoy!

To celebrate the upcoming holiday of love (and impress your date), here is a snapshot of varietals that pair perfectly with everyone’s favorite sweet treat.

White Chocolate with Chardonnay

With notes of creamy vanilla, honey and hints of toasted oak, sweet white chocolate pairs well with mildly buttery California Chardonnays like America’s #1 selling Chardonnay, Kendall-Jackson’s 2019 Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay.

Rosé with Dark Chocolate

Blush-style wines are a classic Valentine’s Day choice. Balance the vibrant fruit flavors of Kendall-Jackson’s 2019 Vintner’s Reserve California Rosé with a more bitter option, like dark chocolate.

Pinot Noir with Chocolate Caramel

Buttery and rich, chocolate caramel pairs well with light-to-medium bodied wines like Kendall-Jackson’s 2017 Jackson Estate Anderson Valley Pinot Noir creating a harmonious blend of the creamy texture of the caramel and the silky tannins of the wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon with Non-Sweet Dark Chocolate & Cherry Infused Dark Chocolate

Featuring dark fruit flavors, Kendall-Jackson’s 2017 Jackson Estate Hawkeye Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon combined with the bitterness from the cacao accentuates the wine’s tannins creates a match made in heaven.

Give your sweet tooth a treat this year by snuggling up with a little chocolate and wine.