Millennials have grown up with as technology has advanced rapidly around them. For businesses to appeal to this generation, they need to understand the advancements that have occurred in the same timeframe. Millennials were at the forefront of the apps craze, and some of them can barely remember life before the handy smartphone icons. Having creative apps is perhaps one of the most important things for a business which wants to appeal to the youth of today.

There are now over 6.3 million apps on the market, all providing easy access to anything from games to health advice. Users simply open their smartphone and click on the app they want to use. It instantly opens and they are then able to play a game, order food, check their heart rate – you name it. Despite only coming into existence merely a decade ago, people have become completely reliant on the various different creative apps to run their lives. Millennials, in particular, are unlikely to remember life before these days. To them, this easy access to everything from a mobile screen is all they know.

In the modern age, it is absolutely imperative for a business to offer a handy mobile app in addition to its normal webpage. Millennials represent more than 30 percent of the voting population, and it’s this demographic which drives the app industry. For this reason, businesses need to understand their needs and build creative apps with things that appeal to this generation.

Creative Apps Are Designed To Serve

Apps need to serve as a user’s personal assistant, and are there to make life easier. Therefore, it’s ideal if they can save the user some time or perform a task that may be inconvenient otherwise. For instance, nowadays there is no need to queue up at the supermarket to buy a lottery ticket. Apps like Lottoland make lottery tickets available online, whereby users can bet on the outcome of major draws from around the world. Players simply choose their numbers and receive a notification when it’s time for the draw.

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There are other things to note when designing creative apps to appeal to millennials. Research has shown that this generation absolutely loves reward or loyalty schemes. In fact, more than three-quarters of millennials are more likely to choose a brand which offers some kind of loyalty scheme than one that doesn’t. They are also keen on the idea of using a mobile app rather than a traditional loyalty card, so this is a feature which should be built into apps. One of the most shocking statistics is that 55 percent of millennials would be scared away from a company if they had a bad app experience.

Creativity Wins The Customer Every Time

Businesses seeking to get more millennial customers on board need to make their app as efficient as possible, because this is a generation who knows what’s good or bad in this regard. There should be loyalty schemes, and it should serve a purpose that makes the user’s life easier.