Switzerland is not only the birthing place of the best chocolate in the world, but it has also been featured in the dream vacation plans of almost every person in the world. From posh medieval towns to high flying natural beauty, Swiss towns have all the elements to make any journey wonderful.

However, here’s the catch. While sipping rich hot cocoa in the chalets in Switzerland might be your idea for an ideal trip, it’s hard to decide on the spaces to visit. Switzerland spoils you with choice, and you need to plan properly to make your trip worth it.

So, here’s our list of the attractions in Switzerland you can’t afford to miss.

Riding the Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are iconic, they’ve featured in countless novels by the Europeans and are known for being the largest falls in Europe. Schaffhausen’s largest attraction, you can do a lot of things while visiting the waterfalls. Plan an adventure trail with the locals to get through a hard trek and view the falls up close, or simply, board a boat to get up close and personal.

Being a medieval town, Schaffhausen has also got a lot to offer to visiting tourists. Check out the local attractions and see the architecture to see the history of this quaint country come to life.
Planning on something more romantic? Get yourself to Zurich and visit the Laufen castle. Not only can you catch beautiful Swiss food, but you can also see the Rhine Falls close behind in a scenery you won’t forget soon.

Walk over the Trift Bridge

The Trift Bridge is one of the recent achievements that the Swiss have added to their cap. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Triftsee, this bridge covers a staggering gap of 560 meters. What’s more, the journey there is a sight to behold too. RUshing through the jungle, you’re required to take a cable car ride through the canopies and the mountains to get to the bridge. Once, you’re there; you can challenge yourself to go through the thin suspension bridge hanging over the lake.

Pro Tip: The bridge is safe and reinforced with steel, so, if you can be sure that you won’t be in a bad space while, walking through the place. But, it’s better to avoid the area if you have a touch of vertigo since, the entire journey will take you through very high places, and the bridge itself is quite high.

Visit Saut de Brot

Switzerland is a country of dreams and nowhere else is it truer than the Saut de Brot. This little place in Areuse Gorge is out of fairytales. If hiking is your thing but, you don’t exactly want to challenge the Alps, this place offers you an easy hike that barely takes over two hours to get there. Feast your eyes on the brilliant greenery, see the childhood fairytales come to life, and you can still make it back to your town for a full lunch.

If you’re looking for shorter and easier visits, you might even try out easier hikes which last an hour and get you to the place.

Pro Tip: Carry bug spray and moisturizer, this is a dense jungle and can be cumbersome for people not used to walking jungle trails.

The City of Bern

You can’t miss the medieval town of Bern once you make your way into Swiss territory. Decorated with beautiful brick roads and archways, this is a place straight out of postcards. Charming and quiet, Bern houses the parliament of Switzerland and has a lot of attractions to see.

Don’t forget to catch the mechanical workings of the huge clock, or to buy souvenirs from the old-school artisanal shops. Plus, if you’re looking to get some classy Swiss dining done, Bern houses some of the oldest and most respected restaurants in the country.

Pro Tip: Bern is large and takes up time. It’s better to plan a whole day to visit the place.

H. R Giger Museum

Gruyeres makes one of the best cheeses in the world, and their cheese factory is a wonderful sight to visit. However, you’ll be stunned by one of the more modern buildings in the entire medieval town. The Museum front has a sprawling alien sculpture across it.

Giger was one of the foremost artists from Switzerland, and it has given rise to some of the unique nightmares from Hollywood. If “Alien” were one of the movies you loved, then this museum would be a delightful treat for you.

Filled with the weird and wonderful artworks and sculptures, this is a tribute of an enormous scale to one of the best artists we’ve had in recent years, and it shows.

Hell Grottoes

The Hell Grottoes are a nightmarish natural stone formation that has been part of much tourist fare in recent times. It’s beautiful, eerie and straight up scary in more ways than one. The catch is that you’ll have to plan your trip in the summer if you want to catch this one up and running.

The Hell Grottoes are shut down during the winter months. When you do catch them through the strange lighting combined with the scary shapes makes for a great visit.

Switzerland is a place to remember, and there’s a lot of reasons to respect and love the space it creates for the enjoyment of the people. While the massive amount of attractions in the country would keep you coming back for more and more, it’s better to give these iconic places a shot before you plan to visit anything else.