There’s nothing more rewarding than a well-deserved promotion. Being in the line of succession in your workplace often entails much more than just carrying out your daily responsibilities. To move up, you must prove to the decision makers and your superiors that you are worthy of the position and ready to take on more responsibility.

However, being a candidate for succession cannot be done overnight. Like anything when it comes to success, it requires building powerful habits and making necessary changes to ensure progress.

Deliver, deliver, deliver

Knowing that you can deliver beyond expectation is a key attribute when it comes to your superiors deciding on promotions. Always meet your deadlines and constantly improve the quality of your work. Follow through with your commitments and you’ll notice that you start to become relied on. If you make a mistake, own up to your actions. Huffpost states that following a mistake with a solution is a sign that you’re responsible and can perform under pressure.

Constantly look to improve yourself

Show your superiors you are willing and committed to continuously learn and improve your skills. Depending on your ambitions, services like Ascent Student Loans can help finance your personal development goals. You can also enroll in webinars or attend conferences to build networks within and around the industry you work in. Whether you’re in a startup company or an über competitive law firm, you need to show that you are forward thinking and ready to move up. A white paper by Special Counsel notes how transferring key knowledge and building business relationships</a> are essential to succeed. This shows your boss that you are serious about furthering your career and that you’re ready for a promotion.

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Communicate your goals

Your boss isn’t a mind reader. Find a professional opportunity to discuss with them your career goals. Be open and ask for opportunities to show you’re ready. This way, you can develop a mentor-mentee relationship.

It is also best to show how valuable you are to the company. So build a portfolio that show your work and document your relevant contributions. It is also a good idea to get an opinion on how well your doing, which is why the The Balance Careers suggests you ask for feedback sessions. Make sure your boss knows how well you’re performing without you being pushy. Sometimes the best way to get recognized is to put yourself forward and communicate your goals in the most effective manner possible.

Take charge

Let them know you possess leadership skills such as trustworthiness, decisiveness, and confidence. Find opportunities to show you can take charge, especially in challenging situations. Never go to your boss with a problem that can easily be answered by a colleague or through other means. On the other hand, always make sure to keep your boss in the loop with anything relevant and noteworthy, as no leader likes to be blindsided.

Be collaborative

If you want to move up to a management position, you have to be a leader. Decision makers want team players that know how to collaborate and direct initiatives. Volunteer to look after certain tasks and responsibilities that demonstrate your management skills. Taking the lead in helping new hires and helping with some of your boss’ tasks proves that you’re capable of moving above your current pay grade.

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