It has soared in popularity over the decades, but few would disagree that skiing is still one of the more inaccessible holiday types out there.

Ultimately, any chances you have to slash your costs, you need to take advantage of at the earliest opportunity.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article will now cover some of the easiest methods to cut your expenses as you hit the slopes as a first-time skier.

Location, location, weather

Rather than the three Ls, let’s turn this phrase around a little. Sure, location will matter, but the weather is even more crucial.

We’re all eager to save as much money as possible while skiing, but we should also look at this from a cost efficiency point of view. After all, if you’ve managed to grab a rock bottom bargain but there’s no snow on the mountains, it’s all for nothing.

As such, don’t just think about the hard and fast numbers, think about the bigger picture. If you’re traveling to the south-east of France, check the Morzine snow forecast long in advance to make sure you’re truly going to make the most of your getaway.

Self-catering all the way

The temptation of mountain restaurants might be difficult to stave off, but trust us, it’s financially worthwhile.

Most of these restaurants and cafes charge a pretty penny for the most basic of food and drink. As such, self-catering is the only way to cut your cloth accordingly.

However, if you are following this option, make sure you buy your produce before reaching the mountain. For obvious logistical reasons, the supermarkets on the slopes are priced terribly expensive, and you’ll be paying huge sums for the most basic of ingredients.

Rent your equipment in advance

One of the most common mistakes made by first-time skiers is that they leave their equipment rental to the last minute.

This is a huge mistake.

Not only will you be presented with a smaller range of options, but the prices will also be significantly hiked up.

To avoid this, it’s best to book your equipment rental well in advance. Many reputable companies will offer considerable discounts for those who do this, so it’s definitely worth your time and effort.

Choose your runs wisely

Lift passes can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re planning on skiing for more than a day or two.

To avoid wasting your money, it’s crucial that you pick your runs wisely.

Avoid the most popular and well-known slopes and instead focus on the ones that are a little further out of the way.

You’ll find that these are not only cheaper to ski on, but they’re also much quieter, meaning you can make the most of the slopes without having to worry about the crowds. Similarly, pick the ones that truly correlate with your own level. There’s little point in buying a ski pass for a resort which is inundated with black and red slopes, if you’re an ultimate beginner.