While it’s quite common for millennials to look to their elders and easily spot their mistakes and where they went wrong with things, it’s also just as important to learn from them and take positives from the baby boomers. And while this constant focus on the baby boomers has become the norm for millennials, it may be time for the new kid on the block, as Gen Zers are starting to make waves all their own.

Generation Z was born between 1995-2012, which has a good portion of them at an age where they are making a difference in consumer purchasing power, political views, environmental practices, and plenty more.

Generation Z makes up almost 74 million people in the United States, while millennials come in around 73 million. This newer, younger generation has a whole different thought process than millennials and it may be high time to not only recognize it but learn from it. So what can millennials learn from Gen Z, what positives can they take away? Let’s look a little closer.

Generation Z Is All About Independence

The term “helicopter parenting” was coined during the age of millennials, who have been shown to be highly dependent on their parents when it comes to finances and other forms of support. While it seems as though this new generation coming in is not only being raised different, they are looking at independence in a whole other light.

In general, this younger generation is proving to be more independent, goal-oriented, able to inspire and motivate themselves, more confident than millennials, and even self-guided. Some may even see generation Z as cynical, but instead, it comes down to being realistic about themselves, those around them, and the world in general.

These are just some of the unique gen z characteristics.

Digital Habits are Being Scaled Back in Some Areas

While it’s certainly true that gen Z is even more comfortable with technology and digital products than millennials are, where they differ is the realization that over-sharing is a thing. Plenty see millennials as the age of selfies, but with gen Z’ers there is a noticeable scaling back as they seem to have adopted the idea that not everything you do is meant to be shared. It’s a healthy approach to social networks and media, and one that will most likely save them a lot of problems. Privacy is something they respect and strive for, learning from the mistakes that millennials have made.

Gen Z Is Building Wealth Earlier

Because gen z is of the realistic and practical mind-set, this has also done wonders with their finances – in particular, their saving and spending habits. This is a great lesson that millennials can learn about, as gen z is very aware of the economy, debt, and financial issues. In fact, many are starting to save for retirement as early as their teenage years. These, among other reasons, have gen z’ers growing their wealth earlier than that of the millennials.

So, while you can’t go back in time and change your decisions, there is plenty that you can learn from this younger generation that you can take into consideration moving forward.