After an unprecedented year leading to many spending an increased amount of time at home, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a growing emphasis on the design of our living spaces.  No longer the places to return to after a long day out, our homes have become our offices, our schools, our kindergartens and our gyms.

So, as we head into the new year, let’s look ahead to the trends that looks set to shape the garden design space in 2021. To help us do this, the experts at Love the Garden scoured Instagram for the new and emerging gardening trends you need to look out for. Take a look at their predictions below.

The 10 gardening trends to watch out for:

1. #balconygardening

Small spaces can often feel restricted and uninspired, but with more and more or us living in urban areas that offer limited outdoor space, it’s time to get clever with our design. Make use of your surfaces and add clever leveling for a feeling of space. And don’t forget to think vertically; living walls are perfect for adding intrigue and texture to an area that would otherwise be left bare.

2. #wildgarden

Perfectly pruned and manicured gardens are set aside when it comes to this trend. Wild gardening is all about a respect for your local ecosystem and the creation of a vibrant, free space that nods to the natural world around you. Plant wildflowers in abundance to attract bees and butterflies and layer with edible shrubs and natural materials for the perfect wild oasis.

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3. #insideoutside

Designing a space that acts as an extension of your style rather than an afterthought is the way to nail this look. Carry through elements of your interiors into your outdoor space to create that natural flow and consistent aesthetic. Use soft furnishings and pretty lights to form an atmospheric space fit for both relaxing on your own as well as entertaining friends and family.

4. #tinygarden

Now we’ve all heard of the ‘tiny home movement’, but did you know that ‘tiny gardens’ were also having a real moment? As with balcony gardening, this trend is all about cleaver use of space. Colour splashes and multiple levels can help create optical illusions that make a space seem bigger than they are, and multi-functional surfaces are also key for constructing a space that both looks beautiful but is also enjoyable to use.

5. #raisedbedgarden

Providing better control over soil quality and water drainage, as well as deterring those plant-ruining pests, raised bed gardens offer some real practical benefits that make them a no-brainer when it comes to incorporating them into your garden design. Not only this but they can also make a brilliant focal point to your outdoor space, allowing you to build shapes and patterns whilst the added height creates depth and intrigue to your design.

6. #permaculturegarden

Bringing together different sustainability principles to help you create your own self-sustaining eco-system may sound complex, but after the initial planning and implementation, a permaculture garden is actually very low maintenance. The key to this technique is the replication of natural patterns of growth and harvest. Think companion planting and growing your own fruit and vegetables and you’ll be well on your way to ‘permaculture master’ in no time.

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7. #whitegarden

Not a new colour trend when it comes to gardening, but a trend experiencing a real resurgence at the moment thanks to minimalist and Scandinavian design dominating the style landscape. The key to nailing this colour scheme is use of texture. White and green offer a beautiful colour contrast but to ensure it doesn’t get boring make sure you plant a mix of different sizes and shapes of flowers and shrubs, and finish with contemporary furniture and lighting for an up-to-date take on a classic design tactic.

8. #windowsillgarden

Windowsills have always been the perfect place for those seasonal flower boxes, but with an increased interest and accessibility to exotic plants, we’re getting much more adventurous when it comes to creating windowsill gardens. To get it right, it’s vital to understand the direction your window faces and the hours of sunlight it gets; this will help you choose the right plants to thrive in your space.

9. #greygarden

Grey is having a real moment in the world of garden design. The perfect colour combination alongside a monochrome scheme, this subtle and sophisticated palette is perfect for making a statement. Grey washed woods and natural slates make the ideal centre pieces and look to incorporate further textures with an outdoor rug and string lights for a well-balanced and grown-up space.

10. #cottagegarden

A style originating in Victorian England, it’s not necessarily a trend you’d expect to see making its mark on the Instagram scene, but this informal gardening style is making a real come back. Dense, natural planting is the standout feature of the cottage garden trend and like wild gardening, it’s all about and abundance of vibrant flowers and a respect for the natural world. Our best advice – go wild!

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Feeling inspired?

Feeling inspired to give your own garden a makeover? There’s never been a better time to give your space some TLC. So just pick your favourite gardening trend, grab your shovel and get planting. And remember it’s meant to be fun, so don’t overthink it!