Your home should have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other essential devices in place to protect you and your loved ones in case of emergency. The brand of fire protection equipment matters for many reasons and you should know the expected life cycle of that brand. For example, if you have Kidde smoke detectors in your home, it helps to know how long do Kidde smoke detectors last. This gives you a good idea of when you need to replace them and whether other brands might provide you with similar or better protection from fire.

Fire Extinguishers

How often you replace your fire extinguishers depends on what type of extinguishers you have. You should replace single-use fire extinguishers, marked by a plastic head and a gauge that tells you how full the extinguisher is, every 10 to 12 years and recharge them after five or six years. On the other hand, one of the benefits of an Amerex fire extinguisher is that the product will last for much longer. You don’t necessarily need to replace an Amerex fire extinguisher every decade. Instead, you should get the extinguisher hydrostatically tested every five years. If the test pressure looks good, you can keep the product without searching for a replacement.

Smoke Detectors 

Your house’s smoke detectors serve as the first warning you may receive of a fire that starts at night or in an empty room. You should test your smoke detectors on a monthly basis. If you use battery-powered detectors, make sure to replace those batteries every year. Many modern homes use hardwired smoke alarms instead with a battery backup to make sure that they never stop functioning even when the power goes out. Although these smoke detectors seem like they can last a lifetime, it is a good idea to replace them once every 10 years. In fact, the same holds true for battery-powered smoke detectors—after 10 years, consider upgrading them to something more modern.

Other Home Fire Essentials

Most homes get by with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms when it comes to fire prevention, but some buildings use other systems. For example, your residence might have a sprinkler system that becomes activated when it detects fire-like temperatures in the building. Large homes and apartments might also have a fire control panel. In general, you should have a professional test these items every five years to make sure that they are still in good working order. Even if you don’t experience any problems with them, you should look into replacing them every 10 years as more modern equipment becomes available and time takes its course.

Overall, no single piece of fire protection equipment should remain in your home for much longer than 10 to 12 years. Only the highest-quality products last longer than that. Even if you make an investment into products such as Amerex fire extinguishers, make sure that you have them checked every few years. A little proper maintenance can keep your house safe in the future.