If you are looking for custom tote bags to be a part of a promotion, swag offering, corporate gift, product line, group uniform, or any other type of event, you want to make sure that you are getting a deal on volume sales. Further you want to make sure that the products are of retail quality without the retail prices. You would never be able to meet your production or financial needs if you had to physically go to big box stores and buy custom tote bags off the shelf.

Cut out the middleman and go directly to the manufacturer / distributor via the wholesaler. If you can buy from the wholesaler, you can get the same deal as the retail store with low volumes for each purchase. Generally, the more you buy the higher the discount, but there are still deals at buying one or two items. So, just because you have a small order, donโ€™t think you canโ€™t use a wholesale site to fulfill your needs. This article will go into depth about the benefits and process on fulfilling your custom tote bag needs.

How to Pick a Tote Bag for an Event

When you are looking for custom tote bags you need to make sure that you are buying from a quality wholesale distributor like ToteBagFactory.com. The type of tote bag you should go with should match the type of event or group purpose. If you are the head of a school group that is a club for something or just a social group, then a school type tote or draw string tote would be perfect. However, if you are just part of a general promotional event or conference then a multi-use canvas bag would be better because it will appeal to the most people and be useful to more people over the long term.

The best thing you can do is to offer the guests something that they can use at the event. When they do this, others at the event will see your branding. Then when they all return to the comfort of their homeโ€™s they will continue to use them. Why? How often do you need a bag? Have you been to the grocery store lately? How about the bookstore? When was the last time had an overnight somewhere else? Need stuff in your car from a long road trip somewhere? Any of these situations could use the benefit of a bag. The standard or oversized and customizable tote bag is the universal tool for anyone and everyone during any of lifeโ€™s hurdles. When you have junk, you turn to a bag to shove it in. That bag might as well have your branding all over it. Why not?

How to Create a Design for the Custom Tote Bag

Most situations are pretty self-explanatory. If you already have a corporate logo, slogan, image, or design, then your job is already done. However, if you donโ€™t have any of these you need to think about a print that would signify your purpose in as little of stuff as possible. When you are ordering custom printed canvas tote bags, you need to think about a few important factors. First, the price of the order is dependent on the number of colors the image is. This makes sense because it will require extra machinery to use multiple colors. It also may take a different type of printing and ink if it is more than just one color. Multiple colors will cost more but it will absolutely be more compelling and attractive with more than one color. A pop of red will pull in the eye and a little blue will ease the mind and create trust.

The other consideration that you need is to figure out if you would rather want the image or logo on one side or both. If the logo is on both you donโ€™t have to worry about a missed exposure opportunity. It will cost more but it will seem like a better product to the individual. Seeing only one side printed up immediately seems like you decided to skimp and cut corners. Donโ€™t let this idea attach to your brand image. You want to seem like the best ever of the entire world forever. So, cost is always a factor with the number of colors and the amount of branding. However, you need to weigh it not against your current budget but against the benefit of more positive future interactions and conversion if the tote bags have better imaging on them.