Houseplants are among the best and trendiest ways to make your home more inviting, but even the most gorgeous plants can’t outshine an ugly nursery pot. If you’re after that Instagrammable living room plant spread, leaving your plants in their standard black planters won’t cut it. Instead, here are a few unique display ideas for your houseplants that will have your followers asking, “How did you do it?”  

Get creative with your potting solutions

If you don’t have room for a large planter pot or are looking for a new way to add plants to your home, try using old items from your storage. Something you were going to throw out may just come into good use for your green thumb. For example, if you’ve got old oil tins or other metal containers, these can make a great planter and conversation starter after a thorough rinse.

If you’re not a fan of getting your hands dirty, you can also use hanging or sitting fabric pots from providers such as GardenTap. Fabric pots and planters can be an excellent replacement for clay or plastic pots. These planters lend a unique, soft look to your indoor garden while allowing your plants to breathe more easily. 

Try a lantern

You can replace an old lightbulb with your plant. Putting a plant inside a lantern is an innovative new way to incorporate plants into your home without sacrificing style. You can either buy a lantern from the store or restore an old one.

Once you are ready to place it, you can put the plant inside the lantern and hang it from the ceiling, or put it on a flat surface. If you hang the lantern from the ceiling, a trailing plant such as a pothos room will grow downwards if you wish. A smaller plant may be best if you put the lantern on a table or fireplace.  

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Hang an old birdcage

Like a lantern, birdcages can either be placed on a flat surface or hung from the ceiling. Antique cages are perfect for houseplants and vining plants that climb and hang from objects around them. These cages are a unique way to display that will have all your visitors stealing pictures for their own feeds. You can place your birdcages from high arching doorways, over the table hangings, and exposed beams in rooms. 

DIY terrariums

If you want to keep your plants contained inside your home, try a terrarium. Terrariums can come in all shapes and sizes. And you can use anything to make one, including an old fishbowl, decorative china, jars, and a vase. Any clear glass product would work. Just make sure that the object allows various small plants to create their environment inside the tiny space. These miniature ecosystems become perfect focal features inside any home. 

Use an old ladder

If you have an old ladder, you can use that to display your small pots of plants. You can mount the ladder on a wall, lean it against a wall or prop it up without opening it. Use the space provided to stack your potted plants or trail vines. It will bring a rustic look to your home, especially when paired with exposed brick or other industrial hallmarks. 

Before you go 

When it comes to incorporating plants into your home, restoring old items into planters is trendy. You can use anything to make a plant display for your home, so don’t limit your creativity. Happy planting, and don’t forget to water your plants in their new homes. 

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