Divorce can be expensive and tough for couples, especially when it comes to the division of assets, the custody of children, and alimony. In addition to the many financial hurdles to clear, divorce is an emotionally traumatic process for both parties.

As hard as it is to believe, divorce also affects immediate family members such as children, siblings, step-children, close friends, and in-laws. As such, any person getting into marriage dreads this dissolution, but unfortunately, it is a reality that is all too common.

As we enter into the future, the rate at which people divorce is expected to increase. Right now, some reports claim that the rate of divorce in the United States is between 40 and 50 percent.

Florida Divorce Rates

The Florida divorce rate for Millennials has hit a five-time low, as younger Americans are choosing to stay in their marriages. The same can be said of the entire population. A CDC report with data from 1990 to 2020 shows that divorce rates have been on the decline over the last two decades, with the year 1990 recording a divorce rate of 6.3 divorces per 1000 people and 2020 recording a low figure of 3.0 divorces per 1000 people. The same is also true for other states.

Why Are Florida Divorces on the Decline?

While there are no accurate explanations for the decline in divorces amongst Florida’s Millennials, there are things that can be deduced.

1. The State of the Economy

Millennials have found themselves in a difficult situation. Coming of age in the midst of the recession, they have faced higher unemployment rates and lower wages than their parents did at the same age. They are also marrying and procreating at an advanced age. While the baby boomers were able to save and purchase homes, Millennials are facing increasing debt as they begin their careers.

2. General Feelings of People Towards Marriage

Another possible reason is that since the beginning of the new millennium, people are no longer shying away from marriage but are instead experiencing a more positive outlook towards it. As such, people are generally more committed to their marriages than they were years ago.

3. Late Marriages

Another reason for Florida’s declining divorce rate is that the state’s Millennials are delaying marriage longer than the past generations, which means they finish their education and even settle before getting married, increasing their likelihood of staying together longer. Late marriages are also enabling people to have a better, more stable life and set themselves up for a long marriage.

4. Cohabitation

Another reason for declining divorce rates may be that more couples are choosing to live together before getting married, which increases their odds of staying together after their marriage.

5. Women’s Rights

One reason Florida’s divorce rate is declining is that women have more freedom to choose when they want to get married and have children, resulting in later marriages and fewer divorces.

6. Matters Surrounding Divorce Cases

As already discussed, the dissolution of a marriage involves many financial settlements that call for legal representation and sometimes court involvement, which can be expensive. This, combined with the fact that millennials haven’t been working long enough to have accumulated much of an estate, can also cause a decline in divorces.

7. Better Communication Skills

Millennials are more likely to talk about problems and concerns with their partners than the earlier generations. As effective communication is one of the pillars of any marriage, being better with words and providing honest feedback and advice helps couples stay together.

8. Marriage Plans

Millennials also tend to have detailed plans for their marriages, including finances, living arrangements, and even children. As a result, they are more prepared to deal with the future when married and less likely to get divorced.

9. Couples Counseling

Another reason for declining divorce rates is that more couples are seeking help from professionals and counselors before separating, making them less likely to get divorced than in previous years when couples didn’t even bother seeking professional help.

What Should Millennials Do To Take Divorce Rates Even Lower?

As the Millennials tackle the ever-changing American economy, they can take steps to reduce the divorce rates in their own lives in the following ways.

1. Be Honest About Marriage and Future Plans

Couples should be honest about their feelings with regard to marriage and children. While talking about it might seem unnecessary, it can help people decide whether or not they can make a good couple.

2. Make Planning a Priority

Millennials can take charge of their marriages by making planning and preparation a priority and by discussing with their partner how they want the relationship to grow and develop. Couples should also be very aware of their situations when getting married, ensuring they are ready for any financial problems.

3. Keep the Romance Going

Millennials can also take charge of their marriages by developing and keeping romantic feelings alive. While many think that love fades over time in marriage, passion can keep things going.

4. Grow Together, Not Apart

Millennials who want to avoid divorce should work on growing together instead of growing apart, as they will be much happier and more confident in the commitment they made to each other.

5. Don’t Let Conflict Intensify

Millennials should avoid letting conflict linger as it will only make it harder for them to work through their marriage after the fact. Keeping in mind that it’s not always about being right but about working things out and coming to a conclusion together can help young couples avoid getting stuck in the past and avoid future disagreements.

6. Keep Mental and Physical Health in Mind

Millennials can also keep their mental and physical health in mind when dealing with marriage issues and financial pressures that may arise in their lives. While suffering from a physical injury can be devastating, struggling with mental health can be even more detrimental to the happiness of a relationship.

7. Remain Financially Stable

It is also important for Millennials to make sure they are financially stable before getting married, as making decisions about marriage, finances, and even having children can be distracting if you don’t have the basics covered in your life.

8. Communicate as a Couple

A healthy marriage is always characterized by proper communication, as discussed above. It is therefore crucial for Millennials to get the right information and resources to learn how to communicate and discuss their relationship issues with their partners, thus improving the marriage and reducing the chances of getting a divorce.

There is no getting around the fact that marriage is becoming less popular than it used to be, and divorce rates are rising. However, this doesn’t mean the institution of marriage is on its way out.

With new resources and solutions being offered, more people are choosing to make lifelong commitments to each other, even in an age where divorce rates are on the rise. Whether you are a single person considering marriage or a married person at risk of divorce for various reasons, you can take steps to reduce the chances of getting divorced.