People struggling financially often find it difficult to dig themselves out of this hole.

Sure, you could take a payday loan, and you shouldn’t dismiss this idea completely, but these terms are all but favorable. Payday loans are often 300-500% APR and don’t solve your problem indefinitely. Instead, you need a higher income if you want a permanent solution.

Some suggest that you find a better job (like it was that easy). Others would suggest you find a second job as if you had an indefinite amount of time. What you need instead is a job that has the potential to grow into a career. You also don’t want to limit yourself locally, so ideally, you’ll look for remote work.

Here are ten such types of remote work that you should consider.

1.   Content creation

Content creation is such a great career choice because of its scalability. There’s no limit to how much you can grow. Being a content creator also means you are a business owner and must develop many business-owner-like skills to grow and prosper.

The best thing about content creation is that there are many easy ways to diversify your income. For instance, you can collect ad revenue, start a Patreon page to help with your content creation, or find sponsorships.

Overall, it’s a lot of hard work, and you’ll have to increase your content’s quality and output. You’ll have to run an editorial calendar and learn to use many tools.

2.   Streaming

Streaming is a very lucrative career that has the potential to become a full-time job. It’s one of the most coveted types of remote work. However, it’s not easy work. You need to run a community, find mods (at first, you’ll moderate yourself), and diversify your revenue. You could even combine this with the previous item on our list and hire an editor to make clips from your streaming content.

The thing is that you need to be consistent. You need to have a streaming schedule, a regular streaming schedule. This is how people form parasocial bonds with streamers that they follow. You need to become a part of their routine. The only way to do so is to stream daily or at the very least once every few days.

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3.   Website development

The demand for website developers has never been higher. Even in the age of AI automation and drag-and-drop website builders, you still need human input, and specialists are highly appreciated.

While a traditional course would be welcome, you can learn much from tutorials. Today, even a professional website creator software will likely run on a low-code system. This means that you have a more intuitive and visual approach. In other words, you no longer have to worry about the technical aspect and can just focus on the job’s creative (fun) parts.

Most importantly, this is a remote job, meaning you can find work anywhere globally or even live as a digital nomad.

4.   Video editing

About one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Sure, some videos are just recorded via phone and uploaded online, but others are heavily edited, clipped, and carefully directed. All of this is work for a video editor.

Keep in mind that videos are used for entertainment but also instructions, onboarding, education, and much more. Ad videos are incredibly expensive to produce, so if you specialize in this field and learn how to find work (connect with the right people), you’re looking at a potentially very lucrative field.

Still, this is a very creative field that requires a lot of eye for detail. You need to be very careful when editing these videos and give your best to deliver top products.

5.   Data analyst

Regardless of what you do, you hear the word data just tossed around everywhere. This data needs to be processed, and a person who collects, processes, and analyzes data to get insights is called a data analyst.

Like most other items on this list, a data analyst is in high demand. It’s an intellectually stimulating and data-driven medium with much potential for career growth. The salary growth is quite steep once you become a senior.

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Now, there’s no university for data analysts; however, a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or computer sciences might help. Aside from that, you’ll have to develop some independent skills to help you out.

6.   Online tutor

Becoming an online tutor is one of the best types of remote work. First of all, your hourly rate will scale up, but you also have the privilege to choose how many students you’ll take on. This way, you can either supplement your budget or use it as a full-time job.

You also have the privilege of either working alone or finding an agency to work for. While the former gives you more potential, the latter provides more job security since the agency will find work (for a fee).

Regarding the number of fields, the list is virtually endless. Sure, most online tutors teach language, but some people make a fortune by teaching people how to play video games.

7.   Social media marketing

Everyone today has social media, so everyone knows how to run a social media account, right? Well, not precisely. Not everyone’s profile is as successful, but there’s also a huge difference between a personal and a brand social media account.

A social media marketer oversees content creation and curation, audience engagement, and social media strategy. They also need to be a great community manager and moderator, which is a task that requires so many people skills.

This is delicate work since you must maintain consistency in brand messaging and quality. Overall, it’s a lot of hard work ahead.

8.   Consulting

You can capitalize on your expertise on many topics and provide this service online. Suppose you’re good at problem identification, analysis, and evaluations and know how to frame ideas so that even those initially reluctant can accept them. In that case, you might just have a career in consulting.

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The best part of this field is that it’s a highly skilled job, and your hourly rate will grow with each recommendation on your portfolio. This gives you an extra incentive to work hard and dedicate yourself to every project.

9.   Fitness trainer

When it comes to being a fitness trainer, there’s so much that you can do without ever meeting up in person. Sure, you can’t spot them on the bench press, but you can make them a fitness plan, measure their progress, or help them figure out the best diet for their needs.

Now, being a digital fitness trainer requires a lot of tech-savvyness. You’ll use many apps to get in touch with your clients, measure their progress, and make the entire experience more interactive. Remember, you’re trying to give them a reason to choose you over their local trainer.

Aside from a high earning potential, becoming a fitness trainer can be rewarding. Just think about an impressive physical transformation that you’ve helped someone achieve. You’re changing lives for the better.

10. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is almost the same thing as being an assistant; it’s just that you do most of these things remotely. You check their emails, organize their data, and help them with the administrative stuff.

You no longer go to the dry cleaners to pick up their clothes; you arrange a remote delivery.

This is great career-wise because you get to make contacts and see how many of these industries work from the inside.

Types of remote work that lead to careers

The growth potential is always better than short-term gain; however, people are reluctant to take risks, they’re reluctant to wait, and, above all, they’re reluctant to put in the work. However, if you’re not scared of these three things, you might find that picking a field with long-term potential will reward you multifold.