The world is full of fantastic countries with each one offering new experiences from the others. Your travels have taken you far and wide, but what if you decided to settle down in someplace new? Which country should you pick? You’ll need to take a load of things into account, though what do the experts think?

We looked at articles from all over the internet to help us find the top three best countries to live in right now.

Find all three below, along with what makes them special:

1. Sweden

Sweden rolls in as the third-best place to live overall, narrowly edging out Scandinavian rivals Denmark and Norway. It’s a place with gorgeously idyllic landscapes, beautiful architecture, and an exceptionally high quality of life.

The healthcare system is amazing, Stockholm is a wonderful capital city, and a relatively small population means your life here is fairly peaceful.

Proximity to other gorgeous countries also pushes Sweden up the rankings. As mentioned, you’re just a short journey from Denmark and Norway with Finland close too.

A quick plane journey also takes you to central Europe, making this a fine place to live if you’re dreaming of exploring Europe.

2. Canada

Up next, we have the North American powerhouse of Canada, one of the best countries to live in. There’s loads to enjoy in this country and the quality of life makes it a top place to live. People love the scenery – not to mention it’s home to iconic features like Niagara Falls, which is presented in our Top 10 Most Instagrammable Waterfalls list!

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Safety is a big part of what makes Canada popular, as is the simple immigration system. Aspiring Canadians can use a CRS Calculator online to see how they rank; you’ll be fast-tracked in if you’re employable with a great education and work experience! There’s a wonderful mixture of bustling cities and serene quiet places in Canada, so it’s got a lifestyle for everyone.

Its notoriously friendly population also encourages many people to move to the land of maple leaves and moose.

3. Switzerland

Rolling in as the number one place to live on planet Earth, we’ve got Switzerland, one of the best countries to live in.It’s a relatively small country with a population of under 10 million, yet Switzerland is a wonderful place to call home.

You feel like you’re living in something from a movie – the gorgeous mountain ranges provide incredible backdrops and the towns/cities are so beautifully made.

It’s got lots of job opportunities and is one of the safest places in Europe. Speaking of which, if you thought Sweden had a great location, Switzerland is even better.

You’re nestled perfectly in Central Europe with trips to Germany, France, Austria, and Italy available by train! If you lived on the border near Italy, you could take quick day trips to iconic places like Lake Como or Milan.

Discover the Best Countries to Relocate and Transform Your Life

Maybe it’s time to experience a change of pace. You love traveling, so how about moving your entire life to a new and magnificent country? These three are the pick of the bunch, but many others deserve your attention too!

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