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Raised in Idaho, Ben Metts fell in love with sports at a young age. He played baseball, basketball and football non-stop until he found his calling in boxing. During his senior year of high school, Ben joined the boxing team and never stopped fighting. He had an impressive and rewarding amateur career, winning the Oregon Golden Gloves and representing the state in the Las Vegas regionals twice, which lead to fighting at the professional level.

Ben later decided to pursue a college education and stopped competing altogether in order to help others in the sport. Ben Metts is now a coach at Portland City Boxing.


Year born: 1980

Age: 34

City: Portland, OR

Background: Associates Degree / fought professionally / screen printed for 10 years privately.

Profession: Boxing Trainer, Portland City Boxing

Tools of the Trade: Boxing Equipment, tough mental attitude and hard work

Connect: Website // Facebook // Twitter

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