Summer is here, and the dramatic weather change requires a shift in essentials. It’s time to pack up the suede (no matter how much you hate to part with it) and pull out the linen. The increase in temperatures may cause you to want to stow away in your cool, air conditioned homes, but even groundhogs come out of hiding once a year. Regardless of how often you choose to embark on the dreaded treks from one air conditioned location to another, somehow you must find a way to avoid the sun and it’s harmful rays. Instead of damaging your skin with the harsh chemicals associated with sunscreen, why not utilize some natural methods of sun protection?

Cover up


While this may seem a tad obvious, it needs to be said. It’s 2014, “covering up” doesn’t mean your grandmother’s giant Sunday hat and a floor length dress. It’s a new era and it is much easier to cover up in a stylish way than it used to be. Floppy hats and big sunglasses are both chic and protective. Whether it’s Givenchy or Forever 21, a trendy cover up is just as sought after as a revealing swimsuit. Take precautionary measures by splurging in the swimwear section of your favorite store. Ease your guilt by telling yourself it’s for your health.

DIY Sunscreen


Pinterest has lit a fire under the creative soul to get out create that masterpiece you’ve been procrastinating about. Well here’s another project for the summer, make your own sunscreen. There are countless ways to create a sun protectent with ingredients many people already have hidden in the back of their kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Wellness Mama and online guide to leading a healthy life offers a recipe using various oils and natural ingredients. Not only is this a fun project but think about how much better you’ll feel absorbing the sun’s rays knowing you made the sunscreen on your own. With a natural glow that doesn’t come in a bottle of Banana Boat, you’ll look as good as you feel.

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Summer Diet


You may have despised your parents for forcing you to eat your vegetables, but now is the time to send them a thank you card (or text). Vegetables are high in carotenoids. According to Chiro One, “this antioxidant prevents sunburn and stress that can lead to the development of melanomas.” Not only will vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes help protect your skin, but stick to eating dark, color fruits like cantaloupe and apricots. The healthy fats are also a protectent. Nuts, various oils, and seeds are great foods to eat. Your body and skin will thank you for sticking to this diet.

Instead of remaining a hermit for the remainder of the summer, enjoy the sun and the heat that comes with it. These tips will not only help you save money on expensive bottles of sunscreen but they will save your skin from the unkind chemicals found in them as well. So put on a hat and eat your veggies before your next beach trip!