Catherine So: Fashion Stylist


Catherine So was born a natural fashion stylist. At the age of five, she was designing dresses for her Barbies and playing with hair, make up and accessories. As she got older, Catherine spent hours in ballet and folk dancing studios and singing in the choir. Her exposure to different artistic elements invoked a new spirit of style and movement. Mood and music became the three elements that inspired her clothing.

While attending the Academy of Art University, she was pushed to new limits as a Fashion Design major. Her professor encouraged her to jump out of the box and be unique. Catherine credits this time in her life to building her confidence and passion for fashion styling. She believes that her failures and challenges have contributed to her approach to designing.

Divider-3Year born: 1988

Age: 26

City: Hong Kong, Republic of China

Background: Academy of Art University

Profession: Fashion Stylist

Connect:  Website // Facebook //  Instagram

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Written by Jayla Fung

Jayla Fung was born and raised in Hong Kong and fell in love with taking pictures at a very young age. After graduating from high school, she picked up her camera and thus began her journey as a fashion and fine art photographer in San Francisco.

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