Dating sites these days are endless, and singles often get overwhelmed and turned off because everyone is jumping from one app to the next.

Truthfully, there is no end to the rabbit hole as more options start popping up every day. So what should you do? Well, like Alice did, you should take one step at a time and choose wisely before navigating your way through the dating wonderland.

It’s best to pick one or two sites as your staples and just stick with them. So, which ones are best?

The following is a mini tour of the most popular and reputable dating sites and apps currently available, presented in order of seniority. The options shouldn’t make your decisions harder. So read through them carefully, make a decision, and get on to finding the love of your life!

Dating Sites and Apps to Consider


dating- match.comCertainly the “grand daddy”, you can’t make a list of dating sites and apps without listing Match. If you want a site that has the majority of singles all in one place, Match is it. The down side is that most people who are on it- have either been on the site FOREVER or are going to be close to your mom and dad’s age. Another problem is that because Match has been around so long, many accounts are inactive and the person you are interested in might never see your email. So be sure to investigate how long it has been since the person has logged on and if it is more than 3 weeks, don’t waste your time.


dating sites- eharmonyIf you want to get serious about your search (and I mean “serious”) eHarmony is the site for you. Expect to fill out an extensive profile and then be prepared for the site to match you. No cruising around and casually looking at other members. Some people swear by this approach, if such a concise algorithm really is possible. Otherwise, it appears to be comprehensive matchmaking, but time consuming and old school these days.

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Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish- dating sitesThe little fish in a big pond is now a real competitor and was recently purchased by the same company that owns Match, InterActiveCorp (IAC). Plenty of Fish is one of the few free dating sites, and has a devoted following of “regular folks” who think of themselves as a bit more down to earth. That being said, there are always diamonds amongst the regular folk- but this type of traditional dating site is time consuming and tiresome.

OK Cupid

dating- okayCupidAlso now owned by IAC, OK Cupid seems to be where the younger dating crowd is when they are not using one of the newer apps. People gravitate to the unique profile questions which seem to allow for more accurate matching and attract a cooler, smarter crowd.


How About We

dating apps- how about weHow About We is an activity based dating site where members can suggest a date idea and send it to other members. This site cuts to the chase because if an activity is suggested that interests you, you already know you have something in common and you are certain to have a fun experience. Coordinating the actual details is up to you, however.

Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel- datingCoffee Meets Bagel has a special twist where you are only sent one “match” (bagel) per day. The idea behind it is that you aren’t getting overwhelmed in a sea of options and therefore will take each match more seriously. The site does gets too carried away with the terminology they use like “buy some beans” and  “here’s your daily bagel”. Cute, I guess—confusing and unnecessary, for sure.


dating apps- tinderSay what you will about Tinder being a “hook up” site, but no one can deny that this dating site changed the game. With no heavy profile to fill out or read, Tinder is really based on the basic principle of attraction to people who are located within a few miles. It is simple and easy, and the options seem to be endless. You swipe one way if you are interested in someone and you swipe the other way if you are not interested. You will only know if someone likes you if you both say “yes”. But here’s the caveat- many people will abuse and misuse the app. Because it is so fast and easy people have been known to play it like a game, swiping “yes” to everyone just to see who likes them back. Then there are those who just want to meet as fast as possible to jump into bed. If you are into that great, but if you want more from a partner, don’t select a person who insists on meeting you TODAY, choose someone else. Whether you want to “hook up” or not, Tinder makes both easy to happen. You just have to be smart about it.

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dating apps- hingeA bit of a Tinder knock off, Hinge puts a slightly different twist on the “swipe left- swipe right” concept. Their angle seems to be a smarter crowd and you can see which Facebook friends you share in common with someone. Other than that, it is basically Tinder with more specific personality types and fewer members.


dating apps- luxyLuxy is another “swipe left- swipe right” app, but this time it’s for rich men to meet beautiful women. However, the simplicity of Tinder has been replaced with the ability to send a virtual rose to another member- just one way that the site gets you to pay for a premium service. Once you strip away the ease and simplicity of Tinder, and add different ways to upgrade, send roses or verify that you are rich- all you are left with is a silly, shallow dating app.


dating apps- happnWhen you open the Happn app, it tells you the people who are located within a few miles of you, as well as those with whom you have crossed paths throughout the day. You can even see a timeline of every Happn user you’ve been near in the last few days, ranked chronologically and by the total time you’ve been around them. If you see someone you like, you can “heart” them secretly to indicate interest, but they won’t be notified. You’re only matched up if you both independently “heart” each other. So the purpose is to identify similarities. For instance do you both go to the same Starbucks in your area every morning, but miss each other by an hour? Well, now you can coordinate your schedule to “accidently” run into that person. Sound creepy? Could be. Or could be love!

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dating apps- bumbleOne of the newest dating apps on the scene, Bumble is designed to put women in the driver’s seat. You can like potential matches and express interest, but it is up to “her” to make the initial email contact if she is interested. Many women like this idea, which prevents unwanted emails. But from a traditional perspective, it is the man who should make contact and put in the effort from the beginning. When women start taking the lead, it sets up the dynamic of the relationship where she should be ready to initiate the date as well as plan the date; and will probably end up being the one who makes the most effort to keep the relationship going. It’s a role reversal, so buyer beware!

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

There will always be an endless array of dating sites and more conventional ways to find a potential mate, but it is up to you to decide where you will find that person. You don’t need to look on every app or website or at every party. Love is where you choose to find it. Pick one good person and try your best to make it work before tossing them aside in favor of what appears to be alternatives around the corner or on your mobile device.

That type of thinking will keep you single and in the dating rabbit hole forever.

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