The Essential Wedding Prep List for Men

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It may seem like an unfair generalization to say that women invest far more effort and enthusiasm than men in planning a wedding, but in many cases this is indeed the case. She has committed to him for life (hopefully!), so it is not unreasonable to expect him to repay that ultimate show of faith by pulling his full weight in organizing the most significant event of their lives.

Any man with an impending wedding needs to know exactly what is expected of him and what he should do in terms of the overall planning. The same applies to the best man and groomsmen, albeit to a lesser degree. Any member of the wedding party has a central role to play in the outcome of the day and must have a clear idea of their duties, both on the day and in the lead-up to it.

This infographic from Commins & Co lists the primary duties of the groom, best man and groomsmen, as well as advising on the major do’s and don’ts of each male member in the wedding party. One slip can spoil the entire wedding, so don’t be the one to mess up on the big stage!

Millennial Magazine - Essential-Wedding-Preparations-for-Men

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Written by Martin Commins

Martin Commins is the owner of Commins & Co, an Irish-based wedding ring website. He holds a Masters in Management Consulting from University College Dublin and worked in France for three years prior to setting up his own business in Dublin.

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