AmpliFi HD Routers ‘Make Wifi Great Again’

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Over the years, the Wi-Fi router has become a staple in every household and work environment. They have come in all different abilities, shapes, and sizes. Most routers have become beefier in terms of performance and strength but that has translated into not so great coverage and unsightly units that look like a dead transformer insect. In comes a new contender to solve all our Wi-Fi problems, the AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi system here with the promise to “Make Wi-Fi Great Again!”

The Best Wifi For Multi-Level Spaces

Ubiquiti Networks, a veteran in enterprise networking solutions, has joined the foray of home Wi-Fi routers with the handsome AmpliFi HD. Utilizing mesh networking technology, the AmpliFi HD uses easy set up access points that provide reliable coverage to large spaces and places with high numbers of competing access points.

Upon unboxing a sleek black and gold case, you are greeted with the main cube-shaped router unit and two mesh points each with a nice white velvet-like finish. Set up required plugging in the base unit to the modem and plugging the two additional mesh points to any outlet around the office.

Initial set up was easy as pie (and I was actually eating pie) while setting up the system using their smartphone app (iOS/Android). Yes, that’s right, no need for a computer to get under the hood of your router. The AmpliFi app easily allows you to change your password and see who is connected to your network and how much bandwidth they are using.

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The base unit is by far the most simplistic and beautifully designed routers that feature a speedometer-like touch screen providing you with various network data. The bottom of this router unit features a light up led ring making the AmpliFi router look like its floating off the shelf. With no unsightly antennae popping out, the AmpliFi router sits nicely next to any piece of décor.

After using the AmpliFi HD system for a couple of weeks, we have encountered not one internet issue around the office. Every smart thing around our multi level office has worked effortlessly with no drops in performance. It has worked so well that I am personally purchasing an additional system for my parent’s nightmare of a Wi-Fi setup in Florida filled with repeaters and multiple routers. So if your looking to “Make Wi-Fi Great Again,” the AmpliFi HD Home Wi-Fi system will be the right candidate for you.

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Written by JR Dominguez

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