Maxime Corbeil-Perron is a Canadian composer and moving image artist whose work has been noticed by many international competitions and events. In 2015, his art was coined as “pushing the boundaries of abstraction” by Silence and Sound, and as “defying any explication or labelling” by La Folia.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with Maxime to learn more about what he has planned for MUTEK 2017.

What is signature about your music?

The blend of organic/acoustic sound and synthetic elements.

What is your relationship to Montreal? (i.e. do you live here, have you moved here, did you used to live here)

I’ve been living in Montreal for 12 years now. I love to get away from this city, but I’m always very happy to come back.

Name your three favorite sounds.

That’s a difficult one… 1. Reverberating thunder/fireworks in cities. 2. Most kinds of crackles 3. Heavy silence in a room full of people.

Which genre of electronic music do you most identify with and how do you see it changing over the next few years?

I actually don’t know which genre I would identify with. Electronic music is a very broad and eclectic medium, so whenever I compose electronic music, I try to just go with the things I want to hear in that moment, regardless of genre.

What excites you about performing at MUTEK and what can we expect from your set?

I’m very grateful to Alain Mongeau and MUTEK for giving such a great context to present my work. I will be premiering a 25 minutes stereoscopic (3D – Red/Cyan) live audiovisual performance in 8.1 surround sound. You can expect to step into a world of analog/synthetic audiovisual abstractions. I’ve been told it’s both a lot of fun, and a very much intense experience.

To learn more about Maxime Corbeil-Perron or to catch his set at MUTEK, be sure to follow him on Facebook.