The year 2020 has seen it all, and that is definitely because of the prevalence of coronavirus pandemic. The global economy has greatly suffered in the hands of the pandemic, but that has not slowed down the emergence and growth of tech startups. Most of these tech startups revolve around data or information computing, banking and security.

The role played by tech startups cannot be ignored because they have continued to facilitate online services delivery among other activities. Even when other things seem to have stalled, some brilliant tech companies are out here making a killing out of the covid situation, especially financial technology companies which had globally grown to 6.5 thousand by July 2020. The world of tech companies is therefore very promising and the following tech startups are just a few among many that are doing quite well in 2020:

Nuvia Inc.

This tech is located in Santa Clara and it specializes with computing processors. Companies or enterprises handling big amounts of data can therefore count on Nuvia’s products to compute or manage their data. This tech start-up is doing quite well because of the growing demand of its products.

Located in Palo Alto, is involved in robotics creation aimed at helping builders have an easy time transferring bulk items from one place to another. They use artificial intelligence to develop over the par robots that are not only safer but smarter such that they can learn how to operate efficiently. 


The tech company is located in Palo Alto. They specialize in drones delivery which has made things quite convenient in terms of products delivery. The company has an app that users can use to order stuff (coffee, hardware tools, pharmacy products, groceries) and have them delivered by drones at their doorsteps. Wing’s drones are currently operational in the US, Australia and Finland with impressive speeds of 70miles/hour.

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Millennial Magazine - arc-1

Another startup tech company that is doing well in 2020, Arc has made remote work achievable where companies around the world can hire employees or taskforce from anywhere as long as they meet their hiring criteria or skills they are looking for. Arc enables employers conduct interviews via the platform and make major hiring decisions of getting the right candidate for jobs at hand.

Brain trust

Digital challenges are some of the challenges that most tech companies face in their daily services delivery. Braintrust comes on board as a helper to enable these tech companies to outsource expertise to solve their existing challenges. Some of the skills that can be outsourced via Braintrust include software engineers/developers, freelancers, etc. It is a win-win sort of situation for both employers and employees involved and the projects are carried out to the end on the platform.


Situated in Palo Alto, Step is an online mobile banking platform that gives people an opportunity to manage their money online, make purchases, all while tracking their online transactions. Teens can enjoy Step’s zero-fee option to transact money and manage expenses virtually. You can even make investment decisions on Step, by funding your trading accounts for example, and trade in natural gas or other global commodities market of your choice. With tech startups similar to Step, all things financial are easy to execute all at the comfort of wherever you may be.

In conclusion, the highlighted tech startups may not be among the most valued worldwide tech startups in 2020, but they do have a promising future. Also, there are more startup tech companies that were also started within the last two years that are also performing very well. They include Netdata, Confluera, Fiddler Labs, Hourly, Productive, etc.

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