During the lifecycle of a project, a project manager encounters various issues which must be tackled to ensure the project stays on track and on budget. But the most common challenge is directing and executing a project successfully without enough resources.

There could be multiple reasons for lack of resources. A project manager may have to deal with a lack of skilled employees because you can’t onboard them for the estimated period for a planned task, or because of the project budget constraints.

Regardless of the reason, it is possible to work with the resources you have and proceed with them to successfully complete the project. Here are 5 ways to ensure project success without adding more resources:

Develop a resource plan for project estimation

To ensure you don’t need resources in the midst of a project, make sure you have a resource plan for the project before you start it. This means understanding the resources needed for the project tasks along with a schedule for their availability. 

Moreover, integrating refrigeration contractor software can help you effectively manage and allocate resources throughout the project lifecycle, optimizing efficiency and minimizing potential bottlenecks.

Listing the resources and setting a time frame for them to be able to accomplish the allocated tasks helps you avoid lack of resources in the later stages of the project. This also helps you be better prepared for any constraints related to any resources.

Schedule work more efficiently

Managing work without adding more resources needs thorough planning of the project tasks and allocation to the right team members. When managers schedule work optimally based on employee capabilities, it becomes easy to ensure the project stays on track.

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To achieve this, managers need to make use of top project management software and tools to make sure every team member has the right amount of work for the given time frame. These tools make it easy to track progress so you can address any delays immediately.

Monitor work productivity in real time

To manage workload and ensure team members are making the best use of their time, it is crucial to track their progress regularly. This can be done with the help of time tracking tools which help managers see what their employees are up to in real-time.

This is especially important for project managers handling remote employees or scattered teams. Monitoring their productivity becomes vital to ensure the project stays on schedule and there is no need to add more resources.

Know what to prioritize

When there is a lack of resources in a project or a tight budget, managers must have the ability to prioritize tasks appropriately so as to ensure work doesn’t get stalled midway. Prioritizing tasks not only helps managers focus on what is important, but also get work done more efficiently.

Most project management tools provide you an overview of all the tasks you team is involved in. This also shows dependencies between team members for project deliverables and essentials so you can schedule the co-related tasks accordingly. 

Keep your team involved

Engaging your team is one of the easiest ways to keep a project going without adding any resources. When project managers communicate the status and scope of the project clearly, team members know what is expected from them from the very beginning.

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It is important that they knew about the lack of resources as well as their additional roles and responsibilities so you can hold them accountable. Taking their feedback on project issues also helps in ensuring they stay involved and support managers throughout the lifecycle of the project.


In a nutshell, it is possible to see a project through without adding more resources by gaining real time visibility into the project progress, knowing what to prioritize, and seeking feedback from the team members. Apart from this, project managers must also give priority to building a collaborative workspace so your team members work in unison throughout the project management process.