Any experienced stoner will say you don’t fancy glass or expensive tools to enjoy nature’s potent flower, but they certainly make the experience more fun. Nowadays, the cannabis industry releases high-tech ganja gadgets almost too quickly to keep up with. In the blink of an eye, a wide range of state-of-the-art products, guaranteed to relieve your wary wrapping fingers from their long-standing duties, will hit the shelves at lightning speeds. Even cleaning solutions have upgraded to offer quicker and more effective results. By including an ingenious herb accessory, the average smoke session reaches new levels of luxury. 

Ready to enhance your relationship with leaf? Check out these five must-have ganja gadgets every pro stoner should have. 

A mini dab rig

For the most potent clean hit, dabbing is the only way to go. Not only does the vapor taste genuinely delicious, but it also results in a long-lasting high. A mini dab rig like those from MJ Arsenal is easy to transport in a spontaneous stoner adventure and is storable in any small space. For those who wish to avoid handling the torch required for traditional rigs, consider a sleek e-rig. Electric dab rigs deliver potent hits at the touch of the button and are quickly recharged for endless smoke sessions. 

A smart grinder 

Grinding weed by hand is old news with the introduction of electric tools. Automated grinders take the burden off sore wrists and result in a more consistently broken down bud. Innovative grinders elevate the experience even further as they use artificial intelligence to analyze your herb’s texture and moisture. Depending on the strain’s characteristics, the smart grinder will adjust its pressure, speed, and direction. Why settle for a hunk of junk grinder when you can have a state-of-the-art AI at your fingertips? 

A plasma lighter 

Every stoner has suffered a smoke session foiled by high wind or elemental surprises. The plasma lighter is entirely electric and uses a plasma arc to efficiently light flower. The best part is the lighter will never run out of butane. Simply recharge the battery, and you can use this gadget for years. 

An e-nail

This gadget is perfect for those who long to use their trusty traditional dab rig but don’t love the idea of hauling around a hefty torch. E-nails are tiny devices that can maintain a constant high temperature at the touch of a button. After charging your e-nail, simply turn the device on and set it at the desired temperature. The high-tech gadget will hold a charge for hours and is compatible with most standard dab rigs. 

An electric oil infuser 

If you enjoy making your own edibles, a high-tech oil infuser is a must-have item. To use this handy device, simply place your favorite flower in the designated mesh pod and fill the reservoir below with oil or butter. After setting a temperature and cook time, sit back and let the machine do the rest. The automated infusion ensures consistent potency and cuts hours off a typical baking session. The possibilities for delicious edibles are endless with an electric oil infuser at your side. 

Upgrade your stash 

High-tech ganja gadgets are the future of herb indulgence. Now, electric accessories and sleek tools elevate the typical smoke sessions to blissful highs. Don’t settle for an average relationship with flower. Try out one of these five innovative gadgets and see what’s waiting on the hazy horizon.