The Types Of Accident Injuries You Can Suffer From Car Crashes

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While on the road, it can be unsafe to your life if you do not drive with a clear mind. You take your focus away from the road for one second, and the scene in front of you shifts altogether. There have been several incidents where people drive recklessly and put the lives of others in harm’s way. Not just others, but their own as well. You can get distracted by a bypasser or a headboard. Likewise, there is a good chance you will be distracted by your phone, a text, or a phone call that you have to answer right away. These impulsive decisions come at the cost of physical and monetary complications. In this careless environment, oncoming traffic and constant car honking play a significant role in car accidents.

Other vehicles, in addition to cars, are vulnerable to collisions. Motorbikes, trucks, cyclists, and even pedestrians can be involved. The consequences of being in such accidents are determined to be disastrous. If you go through a car accident, your first thought is to get professional help. You might be in utter and consistent pain. Not only that, but you would have accident injuries that need to get looked at urgently.

If you want to know what is happening to you, there is no harm in being prepared beforehand. That is why here is a list of some of the most common accident injuries you could face.

What Are The Types of Head Injuries You Can Get From Car Accidents?

  • Skull Fracture

The skull, unlike most other bones in your body, lacks bone marrow. A skull fracture occurs when the bone in the skull breaks. An adults’ most common cause of dysfunction and death is head injuries, such as skull fractures. It frequently occurs as a result of driving recklessly and being involved in an automobile accident. As the cranium lacks bone marrow, it automatically becomes utterly powerful and tough to break. In an accident, a fractured skull can not absorb the force of a hard blow. In return, it intensifies the likelihood of brain damage. If the fracture is linear, it may heal on its own and if it is not a linear fracture, it could take months to heal completely, but the pain usually goes away after two weeks.

  • Concussion

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion. It is remarkably similar to whiplash. A concussion is a short-term injury that impairs your brain function. This head injury can leave you feeling completely disoriented, even though it seems to be a minor one. When comparing a concussion to a whiplash, your brain jolts inside your skull and collides with its walls. However, your spine does not move as much, and it is all concerning the head. You may encounter the following symptoms.

  1. Migraines,
  2. Unconsciousness,
  3. Inability to concentrate,
  4. Balance, and focus,
  5. Cognitive problems such as memory loss
  6. Chronic ringing in your ears,
  7. Lightheadedness,
  8. Difficulty sleeping,
  • Whiplash

When your neck muscles strain due to the rapid forward and backward jolt, whiplash occurs. Moreover, these sudden movements can cause the tendons in your neck to stretch beyond their capability. This factor is one of the chief causes of whiplash. It is common for a whiplash patient to go days, weeks, or even months without experiencing symptoms after an accident. However, when they finally feel it, they have the potential to last for several weeks, and the hurt does not go unnoticed. Whiplash-related dizziness, which results from neck instability or even a concussion, can lead to slurred speech, blurred vision, and other visual deficits. These can all be the cause of a variety of factors, including nerve damage.

What Are The Types Of Spinal injuries You Can Get From Car Accidents?

  • Herniated Discs

One of the most common spinal injuries you may suffer from in a car accident is Herniated discs. They are also known as slipped or ruptured discs. By definition, herniated discs are a firm rubber exterior that encases the soft, jelly-like structure of our thoracic vertebrae or spinal discs. They offer essential support to the spine as this crucial structure acts as a shock absorber. Due to car accidents, there may be several complications with one of these rubbery cushions between the vertebrae. The disc will slip or rupture all because of crippling pressure on the surrounding nerves and nerve roots. You may feel the following symptoms if you are suffering from herniated discs.

  1. Muscle weakness near the affected nerves,
  2. Sharp, throbbing pain that can radiate from the shoulders or low back to the arms or legs,
  3. Tingling or insensitivity in the legs or arms.
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis

Spinal cord injuries can induce Long-term disability. All of this can be a result of the force of torque or collision on the body. The damage to the spinal cord can cause partial or even complete paralysis. Back injuries are a frequent result of car accidents because the human body and spine shouldn’t have to withstand such force. Underlying back injuries can take time to manifest after an accident.

What Are The Types Of Shoulder Injuries You Can Get From Car Accidents?

  • Bursitis

The sac-like structure that helps hard bones and soft tendons work together more smoothly is known as the bursa. Between the upper arm bone and the tip of your shoulder, you may notice tenderness, redness, excessive warmth inflammation. For people who have bursitis, the inflammation reduces the amount of space available for movement. It is because the bursa becomes heavier and sometimes produces fluid as the irritation or inflammation worsens. If you feel a consistently high body temperature and a constant pain in your bursa, make sure you see one of the many orthopedic specialists available in your area.

  • Deep tissue bruising

Shoulder bruising, further identified as a contusion, is generally triggered due to blows in a car accident. It may not appear to be a severe injury, but it can cause inflammation that can be excruciating at the least and unbearable discomfort. Deep tissue bruising occurs when your shoulder muscles extend to the stage where a noticeable discoloring appears beneath the skin. The extreme stretching may indicate deeper bruising, and this can happen if the tissue is torn or not. Deep tissue bruising will make it difficult for you to move your shoulder routinely for quite some time.

  • Rotator cuff impingement

Tendonitis, also known as rotator cuff tear, is a milder version of rotator cuff tear. In this condition, you will feel irritation, compression, and inflammation in the tendons. This discomfort will be more than the pain when you have a tear in your muscles. Moreover, this condition has the potential to progress into a degenerative disorder, which intensifies as people age, and the disease is much more likely to stem from the repetition of a particular movement over time. It often affects the elbow, finger, thigh, wrist, and other parts of the body. To relieve pain, orthopedic specialists will advise you to rest and take anti-inflammatory medications.

Treatment for These Accident Injuries

Atlanta chiropractors provide comprehensive surgical and non-invasive orthopedic care to help you recover from shoulder pain. You can get expert advice from a wide range of these professionals, and they can help you get rid of your pain right away.

Final Words

Strength and mobility will also need to be improved. For this reason, these experts will advise you to eat a well-balanced diet rich in plant-based foods. They will ask you to eat a low-saturated fat, low sugar, and a gluten-free diet. Olives and avocados are high-fat fruits that should be a huge part of your diet to help your body regain its usual energy.

Likewise, for physical strength, you can use home remedies and make lifestyle changes in addition to medical treatment. Apart from taking your doctor’s pain medication, try heat or cold compressions, avoid continuous bed rest, and resume activities gradually. When you start performing non-contact sports such as running, swimming, you will increase blood activity in your body and make your healing process a lot easier.

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