Many people are suspicious of their partners, as they believe they may be cheating on them. However, thinking your partner may be cheating and knowing they are cheating are two very different things. There are plenty of people who are convinced their partners are cheating but turn out to be wrong. There are also those who think their partners would never cheat, and they turn out to be wrong!

One thing to keep in mind is that there are some common traits that are often seen among those who are cheating, so looking out for these can give you a better idea of whether your partner may be up to something. You will see from our infographic that there are many signs that you can look out for, and many traits that cheating partners may display. We will look at some of these traits within this article.

Some of the Common Signs and Traits

There are a number of common traits and signs you can look for if you want to get a better idea of whether your partner might be cheating on you. Some of these are: 

Glued to the Phone

One of the traits of someone who is cheating is that they are always glued to their phones. This does not necessarily mean that they are always on their phone, although the number of calls they take and make may increase considerably and they may be far sneakier when making and taking calls, even taking them at odd times such as the early hours. What you may find is that your partner becomes extremely protective of the phone and always has it with them even if they are popping to the toilet or going to make a drink. They may also add passcodes and more security even though they did not have it previously.

Extra Careful with Social Media

Another thing that many cheating partners do is to become extra careful when it comes to social media. They may change their passwords and ensure that they always log out of social media, even though they may not have bothered with this in the past. Many also begin to ensure their partner is not in a position where they can see the phone or computer screen while they are using social media, and some may switch off their phone or close their laptop if you walk into the room while they are using social media.   

Becoming Habitual Liars

The nature of what they are doing means that most cheaters become habitual liars, as they have to keep lying about what they are doing. For instance, they may start lying about working late on a regular basis or they may lie to you about who has been calling them on a regular basis. Some will lie about where they are going on evening out and who they are going with, and they may lie about a range of other things.

These are some of the signs and traits that you will often see if your partner is cheating.  
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