While some people prefer to relax when they have the time, others like to get their hearts racing and adrenaline flowing. If you enjoy wild adventures, and trying new and unique experiences, you have plenty of opportunities. There are options for everybody, including some you may never have considered before. Here are four adrenaline-filled experiences everyone should try before they turn 45.

Race Car Driving

Some people have an innate need for speed. Rather than racking up traffic tickets, you can satisfy that need with driving a high performance race car. Many race tracks will give you the opportunity to drive one of a number of different race cars around the track so you can experience the power and speed of some of the finest machines in the world. After a brief training with the professionals, you’ll be off on your own to try out your skill.

White Water Rafting

Water often seems to be a calm and relaxing element, but it is a force to be reckoned with. It can be fun to experience this on a raft by going white water rafting. Search for areas known for great white water rafting. You and a group of friends can get in a raft and take it down rapids until you reach the end of the route. Some routes require more experience than others, so stick to your level and build up. If you and your crew are new to rafting, you may need a guide to come with you until you have a little more experience.


Some people hate heights, but for others, seeing just how high they can go is invigorating. Skydiving is an excellent, adrenaline-fueled option for those who don’t mind heights. Even though it may look dangerous, skydiving is actually a fairly safe activity. The parachute will deploy and help you land safely. An extra parachute keeps you safe in the case that the first parachute doesn’t activate. You will need to go with a professional the first couple of times you skydive until you get enough experience to go out on your own. While you’re falling, you can get some incredible pictures from unimaginable heights.

Space Flight

Engineers are developing ways for civilians to go to space. While definitely one of the most expensive options out there, you will never get a better view. Also the most dangerous option on the list, you will need to pay close attention about what you can and cannot do to ensure everyone stays safe. While not readily available yet, in coming years, space flight will likely become more common.

Trying different kinds of new experiences can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll have a lot of fun, bond closer together with whoever you go with, and you may even end up finding a new hobby that you want to explore more. These are just some of the options available to you. If any of these interest you, start planning today.