The New Way of Looking for Dressers and Bedroom Sets

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Your parents are a wealth of wisdom on many matters, but when it comes to modern shopping they can be a bit clueless. The way your parents shopped for their first furniture sets is vastly different than shopping for such furnishings today.

If your parents taught you anything about the best way to buy furniture for your home, you should probably throw it out before attempting to read further. Go into the following tips for finding dressers and bedroom sets with a clear, open mind.

Shipping, delivery, and set up

Your parents have probably told you that shopping for large items like furniture online is a waste of money due to shipping charges. But today this couldn’t be the further from the truth. Most local furniture stores charge for delivery. While that does usually come with white glove service (placement and set up in your home), it also costs a few hundred dollars.

On the other hand, most online furniture stores offer cheap dressers with free shipping so that you can get the same great designs at a significantly lower cost.

Name brand = quality

Your grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles grew up in a world where people trusted top name brands rather than other brands or products. While there are still some clear leaders in furniture retail, there are many acceptable furniture collections to be found in online retail catalogs that are much cheaper and of the same quality as their more expensive counterparts.

Shopping showrooms to discover options

It is likely that when your parents were ready to make a big purchase like new furniture, they probably shopped around to browse many showrooms to broaden their options to make sure they got something they could live with for a long time. But in today’s busy world most people don’t have time to go from showroom to showroom, and most local furniture retailers offer very limited selections.

By contrast, online furniture stores offer a very wide selection of popular brands and bedroom furniture collections. You can often get discounts by purchasing more than one item in a furniture set, so you can easily take advantage to get a new bed and nightstand in addition to your new dresser. You can also mix and match bedroom furniture online to get just the right look.

Matched bedroom furniture sets

Matched furniture is quickly becoming passé. Even furniture collections meant to outfit an entire bedroom are not necessarily identical in pattern or design to the other pieces in the collection. And if you didn’t start out with a matched set, or a new set, of furniture, you may need to replace your bedroom dresser sooner than other pieces in the set.

Instead of choosing matched bedroom furniture sets, look for a dresser that makes a statement while being versatile enough to blend with future furnishings and décor. When you choose the right dresser or any other piece of bedroom furniture, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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Written by Brooke Nierling

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