Want to Move to Scotland? Check Out These 5 Career Choices

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Looking for a decent job with a good salary and finding an affordable place to stay in an area with a vibrant nightlife is what most millennials seek these days. According to a survey on UK livability, Glasgow and Aberdeen are on top of the list, which provides the best prospects for millennials to settle in. 

Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000 and are forecasted to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2021. As they surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation, their influence on how we live, work, and socialize is becoming even more apparent. Scotland’s ability to appeal to UK millennials creates an attractive talent pool that can attract global investors.

Here are some of the best career choices for millennials based in Scotland:

Career in Marketing 

Marketing manager tops the list of the best jobs in Scotland. Even though marketing managers do not earn the highest salaries, they have the second-highest career opportunities rating. Marketing jobs are in demand in Edinburgh as the country’s economic recovery spurs demand for people who have skills in marketing. Having a career in marketing will allow you to work in almost any sector in the industry, from consumer goods to financial services, motor, and technology. 

Scotland’s marketing sector is popular among millennials and can be very competitive. Therefore, any skills and contacts you acquire outside of your studies can be beneficial. If your course requires an internship or placement, use that opportunity to make contacts in marketing departments and develop your skills in practical marketing. Showing initiative at the early stage of your career will really pay off in the future. 

One way to develop your communication and project management skills is to organize events, manage budgets, or write newsletters. These will all demonstrate you have the right skills to take up marketing roles. You can also advance your career by demonstrating your time management skills by combining studies, social life, and part-time work.

Career as a Vet 

There is a high demand for veterinary professionals in Scotland. Veterinarians are vitally crucial to animal care and in a range of settings. Whether it’s diagnosing illnesses in pets or caring for sick animals, vets are an in-demand profession with decent pay and working conditions. 

Abergele is an excellent place for veterinarians to work, thanks to the diversity of vet jobs available. One of the most in-demand veterinary jobs in Abergele is a vet surgeon. As a vet surgeon, you have varied responsibilities. Although your main task is to perform surgery on pets, you also need to provide general health advice and animal care services. 

In general, working as a vet in Scotland requires a degree in Veterinary Medicine. As a qualified vet, you will be destined to become a general veterinary practitioner. However, there are many other ways to launch your vet career and broaden your horizons in Scotland. You can start taking locum vet jobs across the UK, if you are not yet ready to take up full-time jobs.

Career in Teaching

Scotland remains a top destination for young professionals looking to pursue a teaching career. The country provides a wonderful environment for teachers with mild and beautiful weather and a globally influential culture. 

Due to the shortage of teachers in Scotland, millennials taking up a teaching career can experience faster career progression than they could expect elsewhere. In addition, a teaching experience in Scotland is well-respected in many countries, giving an edge to teachers who might be interested in moving to other countries to further their teaching career.

You will find various teaching jobs in Dundee, a beautiful coastal city on the Firth of Tay. It’s home to the University of Dundee, one of the UK’s leading universities and is recognized internationally for its expertise across a wide range of disciplines. In addition, Dundee is famous for its exciting and vibrant nightlife, ideal for millennials looking to have a good work-life balance.

Career in HR 

Many millennials are eager to start a career in Human Resources (HR). It’s a fast-growing field offering lucrative opportunities as an HR manager, HR assistant, and chief HR officer. A career in HR begins by earning an associate degree or a certificate. Those with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources will be eligible for managerial positions. 

In Scotland, career analysts expect the number of Human Resources jobs to increase in the future and the median annual income to go above the national average. You will find many HR job opportunities in Glasgow. Moving to Glasgow and working as an HR professional come with many benefits. It’s an affordable place to live, and the nightlife is abundant, which most millennials seek these days, especially those just starting their HR careers. 

As a Human Resource specialist, you will take up many roles, including recruiting, screening, and interviewing potential candidates. You will also be tasked to handle payroll, employee relations, training, and benefits. If you take up managerial roles, you will be responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of a company.

Career in Social Housing 

When you work in social housing, you will be helping low-income individuals to have safe and affordable housing. Social housing is a type of tenure where the property will be owned and managed by local authorities, council or housing association. In Scotland, social housing is owned and operated by public authorities, mainly councils and housing associations. 

If you are a property development professional looking to bring a positive change through your work or perhaps, you should consider a career in social housing. You will find many social housing jobs in Fife. So, if you are thinking of pursuing this career, it might be worth considering moving to this area. 

The biggest benefit of working in social housing is its philanthropic nature. If you work in this field, you will be helping a lot of people by providing affordable homes and ensuring that they remain safe. Depending on the role you wish to take, you will also be tasked to work with a wide variety of projects. Working with a purpose and having your efforts appreciated are some of the biggest motivators in your career in social housing.

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Written by Hanna Hayda

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