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Dalia Ganz began working at ABC Family as an assistant right after graduating from college in 2005. She had been using Facebook since 2004, but social media was still in the very early stages. When the opportunity came for brands to be on the platform, Dalia immediately championed the effort for the network.

Since then, ABC Family has become a powerhouse in the social media space on platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, TVTag, etc. Social media went from becoming a small part of Dalia’s job, to something that now requires a team.

Dalia’s social media team is small but mighty, breaking social media records and innovating on a daily basis. She feels a commitment to the fans—to provide them with the absolute best content, requiring different strategies for each platform.

Over the years Dalia’s role has expanded to include partnership marketing – this means leading the efforts with synergy, pro-social partners, etc. She has partnered with cancer organizations around Chasing Life to working with Disney Interactive on win-win synergy partnerships.

Among Dalia’s greatest achievements is Pretty Little Liars’ dominance on many platforms—it’s the number one scripted show on Twitter (based on Twitter volume), Instagram (based on followers) and Pinterest (based on followers).

Divider-32Year born: 1983

Age: 30

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: Graduated with honors from John Hopkins University, Major: Writing Seminars

Profession: Director of Digital & Partnership Marketing, ABC Family

Connect:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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