Millennial Magazine - Samantha Montie Quote

Samantha grew up in a rural Wisconsin town before moving to Milwaukee for college. Aside from analyzing postmodern paragraphs and writing papers longer than the ocean, she worked for 4 years as a tutor to college bound high school students to map out their goals and success. It was this experience that helped her realize that after graduation, she wanted to continue working in an area that used creative energy and developmental strategy as tools of human empowerment. Applying to a myriad of Milwaukee opportunities, she was drawn to the HR & Marketing position at CTS due to its small business culture and ethics.

While oftentimes people are drawn to big names, small companies offer personal attention and great opportunity for growth. And its this goal of company growth that has her calling top software engineers, considering ad placement, and hopping around to career fairs. And aside from coordinating recruitment advertising and efforts, she executes talent retention strategies by managing each employee’s career development vision and organizing monthly fun events.

Divider-32Year born: 1989

Age: 25

City: Milwaukee, WI

Background: B.A. English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Profession: HR & Marketing Coordinator for CTS

Tools of the Trade: Macbook Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Google Drive

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr