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Millennial Magazine quote from Hailey YatrosAs a young millennial herself, Hailey Yatros‘ dreams and visions started early in life. Being the youngest in her class, Hailey earned the Highest Award of Achievement in the legendary Dale Carnegie Course at 18 years old. Shortly after her high school graduation, she was offered a position to work at their company. She felt as if it was a great step towards her mission of helping young adults around the world. She went through an intense amount of training while working there – over 350 hours of preparation on her way to becoming a certified instructor.

At 19, Hailey had coached and helped hundreds of students from all ages reach their vision. Simultaneously, she attended The Union Institute and University as a full time student. Soon after, Hailey left her position at Dale Carnegie Training and began to put her passion into writing. She had such a strong desire to share with and encourage others to chase after their dreams. Hailey was working three jobs, going to school full time and writing a book. After a series of many sleepless nights, she had completed an entire manuscript and got her first book, The Millennial Makeover, published. Today at 21, she helps young adults realize they have choices and gives them hope.


Year born: 1993

Age: 21

City: Novi, MI

Background: Psychology Major at Union Institute & University

Profession: Public Speaker // Life Coach // Published Author

Tools of the Trade: Macbook Pro, Photoshop

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

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