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For over a decade, Ashly Covington’s hands have been seen around the world from television commercials for Coke Zero, McDonalds, and Maybelline to the pages of many magazines including Glamour, Allure and O.  She flies between NY, LA and her hometown, Richmond, VA.  It was there she booked her first hand modeling job.  When she called home with the exciting news, much to her surprise, she found out that she was a “legacy hand model” as her grandmother’s graceful fingers had been used in typewriter ads in the 1930’s.

Since her first job, many clients have taken note of her long straight fingers, beautiful nail beds and even skin tone.  Her steady hands and ability to hit the mark  to make products take center stage have landed her many interesting and challenging jobs.  In Glass Magazine, she can be seen holding a 30 million dollar diamond ring while four body guards looked on from behind the scenes.  On another shoot she had a huge black snake wrapped around her arm to show off the bright red nailpolish the Sephora ad featured.  Each day on set is a unique experience for this top hand model who never knows what the next day will hand her.


Year born: 1977

Age: 38

City: Richmond, VA and between LA/NY (wherever a hand is needed)

Background: Theatre Major at James Madison University – Harrisonburg, VA

Profession: Hand Model

Tools of the Trade: Pure Harmony Soaps, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Nerium Night Cream, Diamond File, acetone free polish remover, Fave Polishes:  Patricia, Essie, Chanel

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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Written by Valentina Balashova

Valentina is a portrait, fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.


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