Old Hollywood Charm Makes a Comeback at The Charlie Hotel

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It only takes one visit to Los Angeles to know this city offers as much diversity in its environment and culture as it does its people. Sure, there’s the beach – but like any urban metropolis, Los Angeles hides its most treasured secrets in the walls of its past. The Charlie Hotel is just that – a legendary garden oasis tucked away in a quiet slice of West Hollywood.

Even those who know the city best have no idea this English-styled milieu sits so close to them. Rumored to have originally been Charlie Chaplin’s home back in the late 1920s, the property is unlike any other in LA. With 13 bungalows that feel more like private residences than hotel rooms, The Charlie brings sophisticated tranquility to its grounds.

Honoring Hollywood History at The Charlie Hotel

From Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich to Betty Davis and even Marilyn Monroe, it’s said all the “greats” once called these bungalows their home. The smallest of the cottages, however, lies in the back. This one is called the “Charlie.” A shack once for the famous Tramp, it is believed this was where the property’s magic all began.

According to The Charlie Hotel’s operations manager, Masha Treivush, the grounds were first used as Charlie Chaplin’s private home and stables. He would often rent his horses out to various film productions. But as the years went on, the property added more bungalows and expanded its residential units.

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In 2002, a neighbor had heard the owner was planning to sell the property for condo development, and immediately made an offer to buy and maintain the historical value of The Charlie.

Six years and a few million dollars later, The Charlie Hotel opened its doors to public in 2008. Since then, this illustrious hideaway has offered guests nothing but serenity. And the land for the stables still remains empty in the back; a rare sight in West Hollywood.

The Secret Garden

From the street, the manor appears humble and discreet, but walk inside, and you are quickly greeted with luxury. Water fountains gracefully welcome you into the lush garden as light chirps from the birds linger in the air. A warm kiss from the setting sun is all you need to completely melt before checking into your room.

Modeled to resemble the old English countryside, the timber-framed tutor-inspired cottages make you question whether you have arrived on a Hollywood backlot or in one of Disneyland’s themed worlds.

While there isn’t a pool, a large sun deck with plush patio furniture overlooks the garden bungalows and private parking lot, making this a prime location for sunset cocktails and light entertaining.

The Rooms

Each room functions as its own apartment unit. Complete with a full kitchen, dining room, and living room, The Charlie bungalows will make you smile at how much space it has to offer.

The large master bedroom includes a king size bed and marble bathroom. The room even comes with a den and half bath for guests. And we can’t forget about the private garden patios that accompany each cottage. Not only does The Charlie have beautiful communal gardens, but the best part is that you also have your own serene enclave.

It goes without saying The Charlie Hotel is the most magical garden escape in Los Angeles. If you have a chance to visit the city or if you live in the city and are considering a “staycation,” we highly recommend you consider checking out The Charlie.

To learn more or book your room, visit The Charlie Hotel.

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Written by Britt Hysen

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