You are not the only one who hates waiting rooms and waiting in general. The mind needs to be entertained, and no one likes to feel like time is being wasted. The following are five hobbies you can do wherever you go.

Smartphone Fun

Everyone has a phone nowadays, and you can use your smartphone while waiting. There are a number of games, puzzles, or other similar activities that you can try on your phone. You can even participate in games with others using online features.

Learn a New Language

Sometimes you do not want to use your phone because you’re conserving your battery, or you are not allowed to, so you need another hobby. You can take a foreign language dictionary anywhere, and try to learn a new language. Some people use an audio device to hear classes, too, which will be helpful.

Cool Embroidery

Maybe the right hobby for you involves embroidery. You can design anything you want through appliques from a company like on your clothes or other pieces of clothing. Embroidery allows you the freedom to write messages or draw creative designs that you can keep for yourself or gift to others later.

Little Toys

The fidget spinner is a toy that many people fell in love with not too long ago. It helps you fidget, and there are a number of options for you. Many activities can be done with a fidget spinner, like spinning it or flicking it, just to name a few. You can also look for other toys as long as they are portable.

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Read an Interesting Book

Of course, one of the most popular hobbies to have under your belt when traveling is reading. You can learn so much by reading and tapping into the power of your imagination. Books do not cost much, especially if you get them for free at your local library. For those who do not read often, this may take some time to get used to it, but it is worth your time. Try it a few times before giving up.

Hobbies Are Great Time Fillers

These are just some interesting ideas to fill your time when you are forced to wait. There are a lot more options out there, so keep an open eye out for additional hobbies that may help you pass the time. Remember that this is your time, so the hobby you take up should be one you enjoy.