When it comes to summer in the city, people start to slightly panic and worry how they’ll survive the heat. It’s one of the uncomfortable attributes of the warmest season in the year, even though it’s expected. But instead of dreading the upcoming months’ temperature, here are some adjustments you can make and enjoy it.

Millennial Magazine- Summer in the citySummer Colors

The upcoming summer is a great reason to change the colours inside and outside your home. The paint will dry better when it’s warm and the change will perfectly fit the tropical days ahead. White is often the colour that psychologically helps when it’s hot, but without other colours, it will lack the appeal of tropical paradise.

To make it easier for you to choose the colours, you can’t go wrong if you use the shades of the parrot’s feathers, which are blue, green, yellow and red. These are the animals often associated with the tropical regions and their colours will look great in your summer décor. Flamboyant colours like orange and purple are also welcome, as long as you give them a more natural hue.

Look to hire a skilful service that is available in any big city. Their advice can help you decide the type of paint and even colour. For example, consulting Sydney painters on the ideas will give you the best results knowing that this Australian city’s weather can be harsh and thus you will need a more resilient paint.

Use Textures

Carpets, rugs, curtains and cushions are all there to play with textures. Flowers are one of the symbols of summer and a very welcoming detail on these items. However, don’t go for colourful but rather for the flower outlines in one colour on the background that complements it.

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Geometrical forms like stripes are perfect for rugs and cushions. You can even use the several shades of the same colour or monochrome combo if you already have too many colours in the room. Wallpapers with leaves are also a great addition to the tropical paradise, but use it on one wall and not all. That will serve as part of the overall design, and not overwhelm it.

Let Nature ShineMillennial Magazine- Summer in the city

Natural materials like stone and wood are ideal to lower the temperature in your home just by looking at them. You can go as far as to create a complete small oasis in your backyard with a tree as the centrepiece. This will be an ideal place to escape to and cool off when the temperature spikes.

Use stone bricks for the wall since they’re great insulation. You can also add a small swimming pool but keep it under a lock to avoid accidents if you have kids, animals or simply for other security reasons. This is a great solution since you can use a gate made of bamboo and not glass or wooden enclose that will help humid to accumulate.

Add a seating set and a small bar where you can prepare cold drinks and keep other refreshments like ice cream. Additionally, this will be a great area for entertaining guests and a focal point of parties in the summer.

Baldachin Beds and Hammocks

Open up your doors and let the fresh air into the house without worrying about mosquitoes. Besides insect repellents, you can also place baldachin around the bed. It looks great, gives you a sense of privacy when the windows or terrace doors are open and stops the mosquitoes from bothering you.

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Hammocks are perfect to have an afternoon rest in your backyard under the shade of a tree. However, you can also place them on your porch or in your living room and lie there reading a book or sipping a cold mint lemonade.

Big-leaved Perennials

Plants are an addition that tropical paradise simply can go without. Preferably the tall and big-leaved perennials like Caesalpinia (Bird of Paradise) or Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine). Big-leaved plants are very common in the gardens and backyard. But having them indoors is much refreshing and gives to the place that special tropical look you are going for.Millennial Magazine- Summer in the city

Howea forsteriana (Kentia palm) is the most common of all palm trees. It gives that beach vibe to the room and loves direct sunlight so place it by the window to shade some of the sun coming into the room. Fiddle leaf fig is a tree with huge leaves that also like the attention of the sun, and it can even stay on the terrace or porch if it’s not too windy.

Summer in the City Has It’s Perks

Summer will be hot but you can use it to your advantage and turn your home into the tropical paradise. That way you will have your own getaway during the city summers and won’t even have to leave home.