With the technology change, there is an influx of trends in different industries such as business and marketing, sports, and even health and fitness. While the advancements are still futile, you can also see a new trend in cosmetic surgery.

Whether you are a patron or just a casual reader of cosmetic surgery, you have no option but to read this carefully so that you are not left behind as to the ins among the millennials today.

Here are the cosmetic surgery trends and see what you should expect:

1. Breast Lift

Breast lift is one of the top cosmetic surgery trends Among Millennials. Most breast implants think of augmentation for the first time they hear about breast lift surgery. However, for many millennials in their 30s, the matter is not even about their breast’s size, but they begin to experience loss of perkiness and sagging of their breast. Therefore, for the millennials, 35,336 cases (22%) of breast lift procedures were conducted in the US by 2016.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction remains a perennial excellent surgery for all generations, including millennials. It is becoming desirable for them compared to their forebears. According to research studies, it is a nightmare for the millennial generation to lose weight.

Just in all generations, starting up weight management is not a walk in the park. It requires an essential energy balance that can’t fit all ages of people. The good news is, millennials alone accounted for about 22% (108,443) of all liposuction cosmetic surgery procedures in 2016 in the US. This is equivalent to 45% (659,671) of all liposuction performed globally.

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3. Nose Surgery

Nose surgery also finds itself in the top cosmetic surgery trends among millennials. It is a popular surgical treatment for decades and embraced by millennials as one of the best treatments you should undergo. Despite its worthiness, some fondness for social media enables you to see this nose surgery from different angles, including its side effects.

However, this is just according to their perspectives. The real story is that plastic surgery is more socially acceptable in all generations. In 2016, about 71,007(48%) rhinoplasties were conducted on millennials in the US. Consequently, the data shifted to about 523,500 (68%) rhinoplasties nose surgeries globally.

4. Tummy Tuck Surgery

Like other cosmetic surgeries, the tummy tuck has all the qualities to be among millennials’ top cosmetic surgery trends.

Many millennial women are said to have their children. This has increased tummy tuck procedures. Moreover, in this generation, you are still after excellent body shape, whether you have children or not. The choice of a tummy tuck can be beneficial.

In 2016, tummy tucks went hand in hand with breast lifts, about 35,598 procedures performed on millennials in the US alone.


Cosmetic Surgery trends have played an essential role in taking the health and fitness industry to the next level.

All cosmetic surgery patients all over the world can now smile as they can access surgical procedures. With the wide varieties of such cosmetic surgeries globally, the article has just highlighted a few.

Don’t just sit back and relax, carry out research, and probably develop other essential trends.

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