Moving to a new location offers a great opportunity to clear out all the things you don’t need or want. You might have a variety of things that are still in good condition but you don’t expect to use at your next home. Here are some ideas to help you find a place for those unusable old things. 

Have a Yard Sale

Many people organize a yard sale when they get ready to move. It’s a great way to get rid of your unwanted things by having shoppers pay you to take them away. The general rule of thumb is to charge a fraction of the original cost for items that are in good condition. Make sure everything is clean and still works before you put it out for someone to buy. Mark the price clearly on the item or on the table holding similar items. You may be pleasantly surprised by your earnings. 

Sell Things Online

eBay and other online selling sites are the digital shopping malls of our time. You can find new or used items of just about anything you might want. Post a picture and a few sentences of description for each item you want to sell. For bigger items like a vehicle, see if you can find a local unwanted car buyer. Mechanics often buy an older vehicle in need of service. They repair it and clean it up to sell at a profit. Sometimes a college student or retiree is looking for a reliable but inexpensive used car. 

Donate to a Thrift Store

Anything that you cannot sell can be donated to a thrift store or charity. Plenty of buyers are looking for things you no longer want or need. In addition to getting a receipt for your donated goods that can be used as a tax deduction, you can also deduct mileage on your tax return for driving your donation to the store or charity. 

Repurpose The Things You Can

Before you throw out that old chair with a broken leg, consider whether to fix the leg and use the chair for family gatherings at your new home. Sometimes there are more guests than seats, so an extra chair might come in handy. Old toys for grown up kids? Fix minor issues and save the toys for the next generation for fun and meaningful mementos. 

Sort your unwanted items into categories for selling, donating, fixing, or repurposing them. You can save money and get more value from things that you might otherwise throw away.