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If you’re a US citizen who probably wants to make some extra cash, then participating in online surveys is a great idea. There are numerous survey sites to choose from, and most of the time, it’s hard differentiating genuine sites from scammy ones. This article looks at 10 of the best paid surveys USA.


iPoll is one of the most recognized survey polls launched back in 2008, operating in the US and other regions of the world. Some of the places iPoll works include Germany, China, India, Vietnam, etc.

Not only is iPoll free to join, but it also offers new members a one-off $5 sign-up bonus. Participation in a single survey earns you between $1 to $5 on average, and the minimum amount for cashing out is $25. The site allows you to participate in sweepstakes quarterly draws with $10,000 as the winning price.

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say was launched in 1975 and is among the best survey sites in the USA. The company has conducted more than 70 million interviews worldwide. It has over 5000 clients in more than 100 countries. Ipsos I- say awards participants with points; the lengthier the survey, the more points earned.

The best part about this particular platform is that immediately you complete a survey, your account gets credited. The site also offers loyalty points besides those you get from the surveys you participate in. How it works is, by completing a certain number of surveys, you’re automatically rewarded. For instance, ten surveys earn you 50 points.


MindSwarms is among one of the top high-paying surveys in the US. They pay $50 for every survey completed. However, their surveys are in the form of videos and not the usual questionnaires. Signing up entails recording a profile video and answering a few questions to match you with a suitable survey.

They provide participants with multiple-choice surveys that display on your dashboard. You’re usually given seven questions that take an average of 15- 20 minutes. Lastly, the site has no minimum cash-out requirement, and payment is within 24 hours.


Considered one of the top survey sites for Americans, OneOpinion has an effective screening process having an informative landing page. It consists of a customer support form that has relatable surveys easy to fill.

Survey participants are awarded 500 or 1000 per survey; however, when converted into currency, the amount is usually a dollar or 50 cents. When it comes to cashing out, the threshold set is $ 25, an equivalent of 25,000 points.

PineCone Research

Another amazing survey site for USA users that’s also exclusive is PineCone Research. You only get to join the platform after an invite from an affiliate member. Users who participate in each survey earn points that are valued at $0.01.

Three hundred points are the minimum allowable redeemable threshold, an equivalent of $ 3. It’s worth mentioning that participants can claim the first 300 points using the prepaid Visa card feature. This makes it advantageous as you can use your card elsewhere to transact with your earnings.


SurveySavvy is one of the highest-paying survey platforms in the USA. It typically pays participants between $1 to $ 20, depending on the survey length and topic. The survey site also pays for referrals. Each survey your referral completes earns you between $1 to $2, while indirect referrals (people you referred also referring others) rewards you $0.50 to $1. In simpler terms, you can earn money while passively participating on the platform.


This particular survey site is part of a market research firm that offers a wide range of surveys that earn you points. For instance, you get 500 points for registering, and for each survey you complete, you earn between 3000 to 6000 points. However, the minimum redeemable points are usually 30,000. The site also rewards you for completing parts of your profile and the referrals you bring onboard.


This survey site is among the oldest and has paid over $43 million to its participants to date. It typically pays you to take surveys, watch videos, shop, etc. InboxDolars also give new members a $ 5 sign-up bonus and additional rewards for completing your profile. Their minimum cashout amount is $30.

Parent Speak

This particular survey site is the new kid on the block and targets parents explicitly. Parent Speak is not only a survey platform but also an online community for parents to connect and share. Their surveys revolve around parenting topics which cover a wide range of things. The payment per survey is $1; however, the additional follow-up questions pay between $20-50.

Valued Opinions

Launched in 2004, Valued Opinions is another survey site that has made a name for itself. The platform covers various topics ranging from electronics, food, clothing, movies, etc. Users earn credit for each survey they take and redeem the points immediately after they reach $20.Upon request for a gift card, a code is sent to your email instantly.


All the ten survey sites mentioned above are worth trying out if you’re an American who wants to earn extra cash. Hopefully, this article was insightful enough.

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Written by Taryn Barnes

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