The market is filled with all sorts and kinds of laptops – with different models and types coming out left and right, it can be hard to pick out the one for you. But knowing what to look for can actually be helpful in this situation, you’ll at least know what you need! So here are the things you need to consider when buying a laptop!

The Size

There is no universal laptop – nowadays you can get extremely large and bulky laptops or thin and fragile, it all depends on your preference. But this can also impact its weight – especially if you need to carry around your laptop all day, the bulkier it is, the more it will be hard to transport! If you are working on intricate or creative things, a laptop with a larger screen might be a better pick for you. The standard size is somewhere between 13 and 15 inches, while the bigger ones are around 17 inches!

Screen Quality

The size of the screen shouldn’t be your only metric, you should be concerned about the quality too! Since you’ll be looking at the screen for a long time, regardless if it’s for work or for fun, you’ll spend a significant time looking at your laptop – make sure that the quality of the screen is top-notch! This isn’t something you should ignore lightly, especially if you want to preserve your eyes, make sure that the minimum quality is at least 1920×1080-pixel resolution or in other words full HD!


Depending on what you plan on using your laptop for, you’ll definitely need more than 4 GB of RAM if you want to do more things apart from browsing the web and watching movies on your laptop! Nowadays, the best laptops have a minimum of 8 GB of ram, but you should always aim higher! If you are looking for a work laptop or something for fun, RAM is crucial, most good gaming laptops go up to 16GM of RAM, so you should always aim higher! This will ensure that you have enough power for multiple actions and that data can easily be accessible!

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If you are a writer or just someone who likes to type away, finding a laptop with a good keyboard is essential! A good layout and comfortable keypads can do so much for you, especially if you are typing a lot on a daily basis! You can also see if the laptop keyboard lights up,  this might be a seemingly insignificant detail, but it can come in handy if you find yourself typing at night! So if you are looking at laptops in stores, try to feel the keyboards and see if the layout fires your hands – you’’ be thankful later!

Storage Space

Storage space is such an important detail, regardless of what you use your laptop for! This can limit your usage and challenge it by a lot if your laptop lacks the needed space. For instance, if you want to be a gamer, you need to understand that newer games take up a lot of space, so you should opt for a laptop that has as much storage as possible! If your laptop in question has only one SSD drive, you should never go below 500 GB of storage space, whilst on the other hand, if you have two options, you can get away with having around 256 GB and a secondary drive that’s at least an additional 500 GB or even 1 TB depending on your needs!

Style And Design

Lately, you should consider the aesthetic side of things as well! Apple has a long history of sticking to a specific, almost classic type of laptop – its clean and easy design is appealing to many people. But nowadays, there are so many options to look for – even laptops that can be turned into tablets in one swift motion! Looking at the quality of the laptop is also important, some are made with top-quality materials, whilst others are fragile and feel like plastic! Black laptops always look good, while silver ones are a bit on the elegant side – as long as the initial quality is good, the color and style shouldn’t matter!

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But in order to make the best purchase, try to find a laptop that has more than one selling point. It’s kind of useless to look for a laptop with enough RAM but a bad graphics card and so on. Instead, you should try to find a balance, make sure all of the components are somewhat good – that way nothing can lack significantly, and you’ll have a well-balanced laptop to work with!