Falsely Accused Of Assault? Here’s How To Handle It

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False accusations of assault are a serious problem in today’s society. Every day, people are falsely accused and arrested for crimes they did not commit. If you have been falsely accused of any crime, the best thing to do is contact a lawyer that specializes in your case type right away. This blog post will discuss how to handle an assault false accusation if it happens to you. Here are the steps to take.

Realize The Seriousness Of The Charges

One of the biggest problems with false accusations is that people do not realize how serious they are. When it comes to assault and battery cases, you could face some very harsh consequences if convicted.

A conviction can mean jail time or even prison time in severe cases, especially when weapons are involved. It can also lead to a criminal record which will negatively impact your future. If faced with such charges in Kansas, you can consider hiring a criminal defense attorney in Wichita to help you with the case. A lawyer can help you understand the charges and penalties that come with them so that you are much better prepared to handle everything as it comes up. There is also a chance, no matter how small, of being found not guilty if handled correctly right from the start.

Get To Know The Cost Of Your Defense

It is essential to know the cost of your defense so that you can prepare yourself. If you are innocent, it is not likely to be very expensive, but there could still be some costs involved depending on how complicated your case may turn out to be.

If, however, you decide not to hire an attorney and choose instead to represent yourself in court, then expect even more costs. You will have to pay for everything, including filing fees and court fees which can add up very quickly. You also need to know how much time your defense will take to prepare yourself properly, so you are not caught off guard when the case comes up in court. The more complicated your case becomes with evidence, witnesses, or multiple charges, the more time it will take to be resolved.

Intervene Before You Are Faced With Charges

You don’t have to wait until charges are filed to take action. If you have good reason to believe that they will press false charges against you, it is best to step in and try to set everything straight before it becomes a problem. You can do this by filing the right paperwork with the police department or any other agency involved so that your side of the story is heard first rather than after a person presents their case in court.

And, if the charges come anyway and they are not filed in your favor, then you can use any evidence or proof of innocence that might be available to help get yourself out of trouble before it becomes an official charge on your record. In some cases, this is enough for the police department to drop the charges.

Gather Physical Evidence And Other Supporting Documents

As mentioned above, it might not be enough to file the paperwork, and I hope everything works out. You need physical evidence or any supporting documents that can help your case. For example, if you are accused of assaulting someone during an altercation on the street, it might be helpful to gather proof that more than one person was involved.

You can also try looking for any CCTV videos in the area or statements from witnesses who were present at the time of the incident but did not see what happened because they had their backs turned or were not looking at the right moment.

Hire An Attorney To Help You Deal With The Case

It is never a good idea to go up against the police department or any other agency on your own. These are trained professionals who know how to handle everything in court, while you might not have the slightest clue about what goes into building a strong defense or presenting evidence that can help support your case.

For this reason, it is always best to hire an attorney who can deal with everything on your behalf and give you peace of mind knowing that someone is watching out for your interests. With a lawyer, you will have a better chance of getting the case dismissed before it can become an official charge or reduce your sentence if you are found guilty.

False accusations of assault can happen to just about anyone, and you must know what to do if it happens to you. Having an attorney by your side will give you a better chance of getting yourself out of trouble before the case gets complicated but, even after charges have been filed, there are still things that you can do for justice to be served. Follow the tips above and make sure you do everything legally and by the book to protect yourself.

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Written by Tracey Clayton

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