We all know that working out can feel like a chore. It can feel like the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day and we put it off until tomorrow just to give ourselves a break. However, when the next day rolls around, we still don’t get to working out! Taking an active, daily role in your fitness just seems like too much sometimes, and let’s be honest here, it can be pretty boring too. 

Which is why it’s time to alter your approach to your fitness. You can make working out a lot more enjoyable in the long run by just doing a bit of experimenting and finding your flow. And to help you out with that, here are some ideas that can make taking an hour down the gym or following an online class a lot more fun. 

Join a Class

Do you hate working out alone? Do you avoid it because there seems to be no point to it without a friend there to help out? If so, it’s time to sign up to a local class and make some friends! Exercise can be a wonderful social sport, and there are going to be hundreds of classes going on around you each and every day. Scope them out and see if there are any spots available. 

Not only does this help with the loneliness working out at home can bring, but it also gives you a sense of accountability. You’ll have more fun when exercising, yes, but you’ll also be relied upon by other people. You’ll find yourself not wanting to let your classmates down, meaning you’ll be there as often as you need to be. All in all you’ll find a new appreciation for your fitness – it’s brought so much into your life! 

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Download an App

If you’re someone who likes to exercise on their own, it might be time to download an app that turns your workout into a game. In a similar way to how PokemonGO made everyone want to get up and walk for miles on end, there are hundreds of other apps that can make you want to get up and go. 

For example, there are quite a few apps out there that can turn your workout into a race for survival within the zombie apocalypse! Improve your cardio and stamina while you outrun the hordes that are close behind you – the app will pump ‘zombie’ groaning sounds through your earphones to make it feel like you’re being chased. And if you don’t like the zombie apocalypse as a concept, there are various other apps that’ll get you to run (or walk) for your life in other scenarios too! 

Curate a Playlist

Do you like listening to music? If so, it’s time to factor that into your workout routine. The more you like the music you workout to, the more motivated you’re going to be to workout in the first place – simple as! Human beings are hardwired to respond to rhythm, and if you’re trying to pump up the atmosphere and get yourself going, putting on a workout playlist is a great way to get in the mood. 

So, when you want to get something done in your house, what music do you put on? What makes the time go faster, or feel smoother? What makes you get a move on and pick up the pace? The same songs you clean to are the songs that’ll also help you out in the gym! 

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Indeed, you could also download FITRADIO PRO – A Premium Music Experience for Gyms to make sure the hours spent on a treadmill or lifting weights are accompanied by the pacing and beat you really need. 

Try Out Many Activities

How many exercise activities have you tried out so far? One or two? If you’ve only committed to a couple of sports in the past, it’s best to widen your horizons a little more. You never know if you’re missing out unless you’re taking part, and that one activity that’ll actually be fun for you could be right around the corner! 

Take your time here. Dip in and out of classes, buy your own equipment to use at home, and don’t be afraid to try out some ‘silly’ activities as well. Even if you’re someone well past your 20s, you can still buy a pair of roller skates and learn how to use them. Similarly, if you’ve got some willing friends or family members on hand, start playing some extreme frisbee games down the park, or volleyball on the beach. If it sounds fun, try it out! 

Pick a Better Time

Maybe the whole reason you don’t want to workout is the time you pick? If you’re someone who hates early mornings, for example, you’re not going to want to get up to exercise! On the other hand, if you’re someone who just wants to go home after work, hitting the gym in the evening isn’t going to work for you either. 

Approach your workout with this timeframe in mind. Maybe it’ll be better for you to get up a couple hours later, have a lazy breakfast, and then hit the swimming pool? Or maybe an afternoon class of Zumba would suit you better than a late evening hour down the gym? Mix and match these ideas to see how they feel; sometimes enjoyment is simply dictated by our energy levels. 

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Keep Your Diet Delicious 

Finally, try to include some more flavors in your diet. The more you like eating the healthy foods your diet dictates, the more you’ll actually eat them and prevent yourself from straying into an early cheat day. All you need is a good spice rack and a full plate – eat until you’re not hungry anymore and your body will thank you! 

Is working out such a bore to you? Make some changes to the way you approach fitness and you’ll notice the fun in spades.