Feeling like itโ€™s time to clean up your spotty stretch slip covers? No need to call for a cleaning service or buy expensive cleaning solutions. Just follow these five simple DIY tips to get rid of spots, dust, pet fur, and old dirt!

These recommendations perfectly work as preventive measures that ensure your slipcovers will keep a great look for many more years. Keep up with the following cleaning game-changers!

Tip #1 – Use a lint roller.

The sticky lint roller is a quick solution for pet fur, hair, and dust removal. Just change the dispensable part, do a few moves and your slipcover is clean again.

Keep one spare lint roller in storage for unexpected situations and guest visits when you need to tidy up the entire house in 10 minutes. You can also use this lifehack to give a lint roller a second life: run it under steaming hot water and roll it over a lint-free towel. It will become sticky again and ready for the second use.ย 

Tip #2 – Regularly brush your slipcover.

Regular brushing should become a part of your slipcover cleaning routine. It helps remove dust and lint that cling to the fabric.ย 

Also, you can delegate this errand to your kids. Brushing is pretty easy and such activity can teach them that eating in the living room and letting the dog with dirty paws on the couch have consequences.

Tip #3 – Apply a fabric protector.

To prolong their life, wash slipcovers in cool water under a delicate setting in the washing machine. Even more, if you want to preserve their original color, use a fabric protector (detergent). It perfectly works for cotton, synthetics, and linen. Owners of silk and velvet products should apply liquid protectors for delicate wash.

Before washing, close all the zippers and openings. Remember not to overload the machine so that slipcovers wonโ€™t tangle. If you have multiple pieces, wash them in two separate cycles. And right after the washer stops, take out the clean slipcovers to avoid creasing.

Tip #4 – Banish stains with a stain remover bar.

If you don’t want to throw slipcovers into the washer, use a stain remover bar to quickly banish the stains. Wet slipcover stains with warm water and rub the bar onto the stains. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and after that remove the excess suds with a dry cloth. Let the fabric dry, and that’s it โ€” spilled wine, paw marks, or food grease are gone forever!ย 

You can just relax and donโ€™t worry about children eating on the couch or a dog laying on the armchair after a walk. One good product can do it all.ย 

Tip #5 – Pre-treat tough stains before washing.

Pre-treat the affected area with a stain remover and let it soak for 3 minutes. Gently rub the substance using up-and-down motion into the stains without scrubbing.ย 

For better efficiency, sponge the stain with white vinegar and rinse it off under warm water. Then put a slipcover into the washing machine.

Now you know how to keep your slipcovers clean and fresh! They act as the furniture protectors themselves so you just need to treat them right. Fortunately, slipcovers are durable enough to serve you for years!