There is nothing quite like hitting the open road with your very own motorhome. In the UK, it is estimated that there are currently 365,000 caravan holiday homes and 225,000 motorhomes on our roads today. The UK offers some of the best motorhome holiday destinations and you can explore at your own pace and be in complete control of your schedule.

You’ll want to keep your investment safe though, as motorhomes are big opportunities for would-be criminals. From insurance to security measures, you can keep your vehicle and belongings secure on your travels. Also, knowing how your rolling sanctuary needs to be maintained, will ensure it’s on the road serving you for years to come.

Here are some of our favorite practical tips and insights that make for an optimal motorhome travel experience:

Ensuring Safety

Official statistics show that there are around 4,000 accidents a year involving motorhomes and caravans of some description. Staying safe while on the road should therefore be a priority for motorhome owners by practicing safe driving practices such as navigating challenging road conditions and handling larger vehicles.

You should also keep on top of all the regular vehicle inspections, including tyre maintenance and emergency preparedness. Ensuring that your campervan is in tip-top shape provides you with the ideal vehicle conditions to stay safe while driving.

Motorhome Maintenance

The last thing you want on a holiday is for your mode of transport to break down when you’re only halfway there. Monthly or before any long journeys, there is some general maintenance you need to check on. This includes checking exterior sealants on the body and roof, keeping batteries topped up with distilled water, and replacing any cracked vent lids and caps.

Annual maintenance and repair tips should be focused on the engine and generator, electrical and plumbing systems, and propane safety. It’s always important to learn how to properly winterize your RV. For those long periods in the winter months, you’ll want to keep your RV covered and properly ventilated.

Protecting Your Investment

Motorhome insurance can safeguard your investment against potential theft and other criminal damage. You can select from a range of different insurance policies, including liability, comprehensive, or full-time coverage. Typically, you can expect your vehicle to be covered for accident recovery, window and windscreen cover, and in the case of a breakdown.

You can also pay for optional extras that guarantee your motorhome protection at a price that makes sense. The right insurance premium for you depends on your individual needs and finding an insurance provider that is the best fit.