Eclipse season commences with the dark moon (amāvásyā) on Saturday morning in the Vedic constellation of Citrā चित्रा (sidereal Virgo), the Star of Opportunity.

The Start of the Journey

For many, the astrological weather has been a blend of magic and resistance. You may feel as if you’re on the edge as we step into a time outside of time, where things aren’t what they seem.

Discovering Hidden Truths

This eclipse portal stimulates confrontation with the unknown, encourages discrimination, is ripe for accelerated spiritual growth, and beckons all that has been hidden to the surface—lean in and move towards balance.

The Power of Self-Reflection

This is an important time for introspection. Artistic abilities become heightened as you navigate the fires of transformation.

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Citrā: The Cosmic Mapmaker

Citrā is the mapmaker who holds the intelligence capable of seeing the actual grand design—making this constellation very artistic, dynamic, and filled with energy. It is symbolized by a bright jewel or pearl and ruled by Tvaṣṭṛ (Viśvakarmā), the divine architect.

Embracing Discernment and Guidance

We’re encouraged here to lean into logical, illumined discrimination or the shade offered through an understanding of the right guidance or support from the correct partner, to choose what we’re creating wisely—in the direction of that which is truly beneficial.

Pressure as the Great Equalizer

This pressure affects us all equally, regardless of who you are, your status, your preparedness, or your beliefs. Just like a diamond that is formed under pressure, beautiful people are not born that way; they are forged in the fires of deep transformation. You may feel as if you’re being presented with multiple alluring directions.

Choosing Your Path Mindfully

Choose wisely how you’re spending your energy now, as it’s easy to identify with or get lost in form. Resist any urgency to initiate projects, and don’t get lost in chasing the next shiny object in an attempt to fill some void.

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Embracing Restlessness this Eclipse Season

You may be feeling restless and emotionally tender. Citrā holds the energy of cultivating merit—thus, we must act from a place of discipline and responsibility, moving in the direction of illuminating the kind of intelligence that awakens from within.

Loosen your grip on the idea that you have control over the outcome of your actions. Move beyond the notions of accomplishment and failure, winning and losing, and understand that significant shifts take time.

Surrendering to the Unknown

Slow down, anchor yourself in the inner stillness of your heart, keep your mind open, and surrender to the unknown.

Honoring the Call to Action

Leave space for unexpected revelations to step forward and honor the feelings of restlessness, as they are a crucial part of a process that ultimately spurs you to take action where it is necessary. We are moving into a time of action, and you have more time than you think. For many, this will become more apparent after Saturn stations direct in early November.

A Window to Connect with Ancestors

This new moon is extra potent as it marks the culmination of Pitru-Paksha (fortnight of our ancestors) and the day where the thinning of the veil between worlds reaches its zenith. A profound window of time has opened to connect, honor, and feed our ancestors.

The first night of the waxing moon also initiates the Vedic holiday of Navarātri, the nine nights of the divine feminine.

Harnessing the Power of Eclipses

Eclipses invoke positive change and transformation wherever they land in your chart.

Personalized Guidance for Eclipse Season

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