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Cassandra Love Lampert is a multi-talented creative that specializes in face and body art. Her road to success has been less than smooth, having overcome extreme adversity in order to achieve her dreams. With a background in fashion, dance, and acting Cassandra didn’t know how to monetize her art as a woman in her twenties. She turned to being a dancer in a gentlemen’s club in order to make a decent living. This decision was a result of the psychological trauma she experienced as an abused child. As the years passed, Cassandra’s hope for getting out of the business was answered in very unexpected way – she was pregnant. In a time that should have been exciting, she faced yet another hardship when the baby’s daddy left.

Without any financial support and now too big to dance, Cassandra finally was able to offer her creative talents for sale. She turned to an event producer friend and asked if she could paint faces as a vendor. The friend agreed and her brand C-Love was born. Today, Cassandra manages a team of artists that scatter about Los Angeles and San Francisco bedazzling faces and bodies. She also facilitates workshops to teach people how to create similar art. Cassandra credits her entire business to her daughter, who without, she wouldn’t have had the courage or belief in pursing her creative dreams.

Divider-3Year born: 1983

Age: 31

City: San Francisco, CA

Background: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), SF

Profession: Makeup Artist

Connect:  Facebook // Instagram //

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