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Elmo Lovano is a professional musician, producer, musical director, concert promoter, and entrepreneur. He’s worked with Skrillex, MYPET, Christina Perri, Dirty Murdered Birds, Paul Oakenfold, Miley Cyrus, Angus and Julia Stone, Symphonic Circles, Rob Roy, and many others. In 2008, Elmo founded Camerata, a weekly live music and art event in Hollywood promoting talented yet undiscovered musicians. Young the Giant, Skrillex, Neon Trees, and the Growlers are a few of the acts that came out of Camerata. After 200 consecutive weeks, Elmo put Camerata on hiatus to leave on a 2 year world tour, during which time he was listed in Rhythm Magazine’s “2012 Top 10 Drummers to Watch.”

In 2013, Elmo founded Jammcard, an app for the music community that ultimately empowers musicians in their careers. It’s a personal multimedia, interactive resume- a calling card for musicians- and it hit the iOS and Android app stores just last month.

Jammcard is something Elmo has needed as a musician for years and he designed it to be the cleanest, simplest, most streamlined way to present yourself, what you’re doing, and what you’re looking for/focusing on. Currently, Elmo is focusing on Jammcard’s technology, and making sure it grows week after week, as well as his bands MYPET (playing Sunset Strip Music Festival this Sunday the 21st) and Pluto Quartet (debut EP coming out in November).


Year born: 1984

Age: 30

City: Hollywood, CA

Background: Street Smarts

Profession: Musician & Founder of Jammcard

Tools of the Trade: Endorsed by Vic Firth Sticks, Pearl Drums, Remo Drumheads, and Sabian Cymbals. Logic, Maschine, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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