After an explosive 2016, this years’ fashion trends are going to be bold, loud and colorful. Expect vibrant colors, edgy patterns and bold accessories. 2017 is the year to stand united, as people are coming together in different ways to celebrate culture and individuality. And what better way to make a statement than to wear it?

Big, Bold Accessories

Our clothes, accessories and hair are going to be artistically inspired this year, so expect the unexpected and embrace the wacky and the bold. If you take anything from this year’s fashion trends, let it be the jewelry and accessories! They are going to be intricate, expressive and completely brilliant.

Accessories are the perfect way of making a bold statement as they show our individuality and celebrate personal style. An absolute genius who will be leading the way with accessories this year is Thomas Sabo. Famous and loved for his attention to detail and out-there designs, this year we should expect nothing less!

We are also going to see a heavy focus on tribal patterns, chunky XXL beads and intricate designs, juxtaposed with a Rock and Roll vibe. These bold accessories scream out “we want to be noticed, we want to be seen and we want to be heard!” The femininity and romanticism of 2016 fashion, from the plush pinks and velvets to the silk slips, are being replaced with fashion trends that have more depth, substance and grit. Femininity is being redefined in 2017!

Hoop earrings are an accessory that could survive a fashion apocalypse. They are versatile, simplistic and can tie an outfit together even if you’re wearing a trash bag! Brace yourselves for hoops to make a comeback with a twist. Our beloved hoops have been jazzed up with intricate engravings to give a real festival feel to them. The idea of this revamp has been borrowed from different tribes and ancient nations and they are a perfect way to celebrate culture and style.

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Fashion Trend Predictions

Stripes are the clothing equivalent of the hoop earring. They never seem to go out of style and can be thrown together with different accessories and crazy patterns. New York Fashion Week has given us a big thumbs up that stripes are here to stay. Runways were filled with brightly colored “seaside stripes” reminiscent of an ocean life – think beach umbrellas and old lounge chairs!

This new trend is the cousin of the nautical stripe, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and pull out your beloved stripy T shirts and jumpers from the your wardrobes! This major stripe trend will fit right in for summer and will give a bold and vibrant edge to the classic pattern. Could this be the start of a new bold and edgy world?

An unusual fashion trend is set to escalate this year and we think it’s going to get mixed reviews! The trend of wearing dressing gowns or “bath robes” in public has recently swept the runway in New York Fashion Week. If you don’t feel like getting dressed in the morning, then this trend is definitely for you.

Earlier this year customers were pictured in a supermarket wearing their pajamas and this near enough blew up the internet! This is definitely a marmite fashion statement, but it seems that this trend is beginning to catch on in the influencer world! Some celebrities have really embraced this fashion statement; Rihanna has been photographed on numerous occasions attending events wearing a dressing gown and heels. We are not sure how far this casual trend will go, but it will definitely be interesting to find out!

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Statement Style

In light of all of the ongoing events of 2016, ‘Activist chic’ is going to be at the forefront of fashion throughout the year. With influential designers such as Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri creating a “We Should All Be Feminists” T shirt and Stella McCartney staying true to her sustainable ethics send down versions that read “girls thanks, and no fur, no leather.” This trend marries well with the bold statements being made throughout the whole fashion focus of 2017. We say embrace it!

Grab a sign, put on your brightest colors and celebrate yourself and everyone around you!

A heavy focus for fashion in 2017 is on making a statement and sending a message, whether it be well known designers shining a light onto current political and societal issues, to the aforementioned Thomas Sabo celebrating different vibrant cultures and individuality. Fashion is a tool that can be used in society, be it the accessories you wear or the brands you buy, fashion is influential and it is individual!

Celebrate your style and everything you value this 2017!